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And The Thronecoming Queen is...
The Thronecoming Queen.png
Released November 25th 2014
Chapter Two:Thronecoming
Episode 24
Running Time 02:39
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And The Thronecoming Queen is... is the last webisode from the Thronecoming webisode selection. It also contains the results for the Thronecoming Queen vote.


Melody Piper is ready to announce the Thronecoming Queen, but is interrupted by Daring Charming. Meanwhile Dexter Charming suggests to Humphrey Dumpty that they get some backstage interviews from Raven Queen, Apple White, Blondie Lockes and C.A. Cupid, the students who are in the running to be crowned Thronecoming Queen. And who will Melody announce as Thronecoming Queen?


Crowd: *Cheering and whistling*

Melody Piper: Okay, Ever After High, it's almost time for the announcement of Thronecoming Queen! and I have the win-

Daring Charming: -Melody, look, I'm really happy for you and I am going to let you finish. But when I was a young Charming I knew I was destined for royalty. Huh!

Crowd: *Cheering*

Dexter Charming: Let's get some backstage interviews for the Thronecoming App. Raven, what would life be like if you were Thronecoming Queen?

Raven Queen: I'd encourage people to break out of their spell-

Wolves: *Barking*

Raven Queen: -and write their own destiny!

Cerise Hood and Wolves: *Howling*

Ashlynn Ella: Ahh! ha ha!

Raven Queen: *Gasps*

Milton Grimm:Miss. Queen, if you- umm ummm!

Raven Queen: *Plays guitar*

Students: *Cheer*

Apple White: If I was Thronecoming Queen, I'd continue the royal tradition of always helping others. All done.

Briar Beauty: I think you've got a few more people that need your help. Number 98!

Student: Huh, that's me!

Blondie Lockes: I'd start, by making sure the castleteria food was the best ever after! Too bland. To meh. Now this is just right!

Students: *Cheering*

CA Cupid: Well if I was Thronecoming Queen, I wouldn't change a thing. I hereby excuse Daring Charming- *Buzzer*

Daring Charming: Whoa-oa!

C.A Cupid: -and appoint his brother, Dexter, as my king!

Dexter Charming: *Blows kiss*

C.A Cupid: *Kissing*

Melody Piper: It's time to announce the Thronecoming Queen! *Drum Roll*

Melody Piper: This year's Thronecoming Queen is... Raven Queen!

Crowd: *Cheers*

Raven Queen: Wow! Thanks Guys!

Crowd: *More Cheering*

Raven Queen: Thanks Ever After High. You've made this Rebel wickedly happy!

Crowd: *Cheers*