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The stables at Ever After High are no ordinary stables, for they'd been designed to house a variety of magical creatures. An ogre is responsible for feeding the animals, but he wouldn't arrive until breakfast time.


One entire wing of the faculty had been built of stone and thickly coated with fairy-repellent paint, in case a student needs to board a pet dragon. The school's mascot is a female adult dragon named Legend. Raven Queen owns a pet dragon named Nevermore. There are many dragons who were used on the Dragon Games, such as Jinx, Crumpets, Hero Wing, Brushfire, Braebyrn, Deejay and Prince of Scales.

The Unicorn stall was planted with thick vines and threes, since unicorns love to hide. Briar Beauty owns an unicorn named Divacorn. There is an unicorn named Sparkles who once poked the girl in the Beast Training and Care class.

The Pegasus stall is extra-wide, allowing for the stretching and grooming of wings. C.A. Cupid owns a pet Pegasus named Peggy.

The Griffin stall contains a perch and a large nest. Hunter Huntsman owns a pet griffin.

All the King's Horses serve All the King's Men, patrolling the campus at night to make sure students don't try to sneak out and break the headmaster's curfew. But of equal importance, they make sure no one tries to sneak in like a village boy who'd been starstruck by Charming family fame, or an ogre who had a hankering for Hagatha's stone soup. They are respected and feared. No students are allowed to ride them.

The prettiest horses are reserved for the Princessology students. These gentle beasts were selected by their calm disposition. Part of a princess' thronework is learning to groom her individual horse. Their manes are constantly being braided, dyed and curled. It took a special type of horse to put up with that much fussing. Darling Charming's horse is named Sir Gallopad.

There are the horses ridden by the Hero Training students. They varied in shape, size and personality, but all have one thing in common - strength. These horses have to gallop, jump, and swain across moats while carrying a rider who is heavy with armor. Professor Knight's horse is a swaybacked old thing with a white beard. Even being bowlegged and arthritic, he manages to summon a surprising show of strength while at a jousting.

There is a mule that pulls Groundskeeper Green Thumb's cart, hauling weeds and delivering vegetables to the school's Castleteria.

There is the donkey that gives ride to younger sibling when they come to visit, as well as the llama that basically just stands around and spat at passerby.