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Born Long Time Ago
Side Rebel

Aquilona is the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, and the current North Wind. The students went visit the North Wind, Aquilona, but she can't talk with them, because winds can't talk. So Headmaster Grimm told her story to the students through a play.  On the Destiny conflict she's a Rebel.


Aquilona is a princess who just wants to live life in her own way, not caring about the consequences of her actions. Some of her attitudes become extremely selfish and may offend other people, even if unintentionally.


Aquilona was once the human representation of the north wind, but now because of her actions, she has become wind herself, without body or ability to communicate.


Aquilona's name is based on Boreas' Roman counterpart, Aquilon.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and their stories are based. The Aquilona's setting are the montaintops, where she rules .


She is the daughter of the previous North Wind, Boreas, who is now deceased. She had no interest in following in her father's footsteps, and when she left him, they were in bad terms, and Boreas died without being reconciled with his daughter.


She's the shepherd of the cold north winds and the bringer of winter.


Princess Aquilona was destined to take on her father's responsabilities, but she refused. And so, Aquilona ran away to be selfish, ignoring her great destiny. Meanwhile, Boreas got old, and died. Without a shepherd, the winds tore up trees and hasseled hills. Wanting a shepherd, the winds, blew all the way to Aquilona,but she was too selfish to claim her destiny. In her struggle against the wind, Aquilona was stripped of her body, becoming Wind herself. And because of this she can't talk to students when they visits her.


  • Lizzie Hearts played the role of Aquilona on Headmaster Grimm's play.
  • Boreas, Aquilona's father, is the North Wind's god on the Greek Mythology.
  • She's one of the first Rebels.