Red and Purple Haired Girl
Happy Girl with Red and Black Hair - THDP3.png
Suspected Side Rebel

Red and Purple Haired Girl is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. She is likely a Rebel because she sits on the Rebel side in The Tale of Legacy Day.

Possible Story

She may be related to the fairy tale The Seven Ravens


She has grey-blue eyes and short red hair with purple streaks.


She appears to be friends with Cerise Hood and dances with Cerise in True Hearts Day Part 3. She was seen hanging out with Orc Boy, Teal Buns Girl, and Pink and Purple Haired Girl in Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After.


In Date Night she went on a date with Punk Boy. They also danced together at the Forest Fest in Faybelle's Choice. She is also seen dancing and exchanging glaces alongside skater dude at Thronecoming.


She wears a black dress with purple buckle straps at the bodice and a clear purple overlayer around her skirt. Her sleeves and legwarmers are black and white striped. Her heels are black and have buckles on them

Oufits:Legacy Day

She wears a spiky silver crown, a silver hairpiece and silver earrings and a red and black dress


She wears a black and purple dress that goes above her ankles and is covered in chains. She wears extra long purple gloves, and her makeup is darker.

Outfits:Spring Unspung

She wears a purple flower crown with. Her dress is stripped black and magenta with a purple apron over top. She has a layered silver necklace and a black bracelet.


  • Her necklace has the same pendent that Raven Queen wears on her belt.

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