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Fredericko007 Fredericko007 23 January 2021

Queen Charming (Sea Captain Outfit)

Queen Charming is the wife of King Charming, and mother of Daring, Dexter and Darling Charming. Her fairy tale is about a quintessential damsel-in-distress, claimed by a old, cruel king who wanted her for his bride, trapped, powerless and then finally saved by a Prince Charming.

I like the queen and teenage versions of Queen Charming. As a request, I can imagine her wearing a Sea Captain Outfit, worn by Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska).

Please watch this entire video and draw some designs of Princess/Queen Charming as a Sea Captain.

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Kittywarlock Kittywarlock 5 November 2020

C.A. Cupid: EAH or MH

Ah, probably one of the most debated topics amongst the Ever After High and Monster High fandoms: should Cupid have stayed in Monster High or not? Ask anyone you like; you'll get quite the variety of different answers. I believe that Cupid indeed belongs in Ever After. Why? MH supporters argue that Cupid was made for Monster High, and she should stay that way. They see the transfer as a way to get more money, maybe to help EAH more. Not so- after all, Cupid was one of the background characters. She didn't play a major role in MH, and it's not like the change dealt any blows. Another reason why she should stay in EAH is because of the role she plays. In a world of monsters, Cupid didn't seem to be very useful. Sure, MH should have utilized …

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Musickitty88 Musickitty88 18 September 2019

My favorite ever after high character

I am pumped to join this wiki and for my fellow students I will tell my  favorite character! Right now I am totally into Melody Piper I am a musical person as you can see I have monster highs catty noir as my profile pic. 

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 6 August 2019

The Ultimate MLP Match-up

Raven: Twilight/Starlight (End of Friendship Games=End of Way Too Wonderland, no cutie mark=no destiny)

Nevermore: Spike

Meeshell: Fluttershy

Duchess: Rarity

Darling: Applejack

Ramona: Rainbow Dash

Maddie: Pinkie

Ginger: Mrs. Cake

Helga: Pumpkin

Gus: Pound

Snow White: Celestia

Evil Queen: Luna

Milton Grimm: Star Swirl

Baga Yaga: Zecora

Dexter: Sunburst

Lizzie: Ember

Melody: DJ Pon-3

Courtly: Chrysalis

Cupid: Cadance

Crystal: The Crystal Heart

Faybelle: Trixie

Daring: Zephyr Breeze

Cerise: Daring Do

Rosabella: Moon Dancer

Sparrow: Feather Bangs

Farrah: Coco Pommel

Chase: Chancellor Neighsay

Poppy: Sassy Saddles

Cedar: Yona

Holly: Apple Bloom

Bunny: Sweetie Belle

Jillian: Scootaloo

Alistair: Quibble Pants

Cheshire Cat: Discord

Humphrey: Micro Chips

Hunter: Timber Spruce


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Evrank Evrank 13 November 2018

A Bit About Me

Dear royals and rebels. Hi, im everrank, you guys can call me E or Ev. Heres a bit of an insider about me. I love EAH and also love makng new characters for it. I side with rebels and my fav characters are Raven Queen, Ashlynn Ella, Farrah Goodfairy, Cerice Hood and Melodie Piper. Other games and shows I like are Minecraft and Monster High.  I really hope i contribute to royal and rebel pedia well and hope you guys like my contributions, like my new characters.

Here is a link to one of my creations:

I hope you like her 


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MagnisidianSwan MagnisidianSwan 11 November 2018

Some theories

So I have some theories... Like what happens in the future? Here’s a list of what I think will happen in the future!

1)Cerise and Daring It was GREAT when Daring finally wasn’t such a show-off, you know! It would be great if he acted more rebel:) Cerise=Awesomeness!

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MagnisidianSwan MagnisidianSwan 11 November 2018

All about me!

So hi guys! As you know, I loooove Ever After High!

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Leficence Leficence 8 November 2018

**Grand Opening!** The Ever After High Mirror Portal

Hi everyone, i'm making this blog post with admin permission. While i am not a user over here (thought i may be soon, if i find the time XD) I wanted to take a hot minute to tell you about a special event happening in the Ever After High Fan world on November 10th.

The Mirror Portal is a open fan community for you to post your original and fan characters within the Ever After High universe. The Portal', for short, is a place for Hexcellent, and Spelltacular Ever After High Fans, where everybody, no matter royal or rebel, roybel, or neutral can bring their Fan characters and other fan creations to life.

We provide an area to roleplay as your fan characters, a welcoming community full of users on our Discord Server - which you can join Here, a…

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NathanNutcracker NathanNutcracker 12 July 2018

Backgrounder's fairy tales

It's a simple blog about backgrounders possible stories. Feel free to express your opnion.

  • 1 Confirmed
    • 1.1 Lita Lindorm
      • 1.1.1 The King Lindorm
      • 1.1.2 Hexplanation
    • 1.2 Scottington and his brother
      • 1.2.1 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      • 1.2.2 Hexplanation
    • 1.3 Birch and Maple
      • 1.3.1 Mother Holle
      • 1.3.2 Hexplanation
    • 1.4 Captain Hook's daughter
      • 1.4.1 Captain Hook
      • 1.4.2 Hexplanation
    • 1.5 Phoenix Girl
      • 1.5.1 The Golden Phoenix
      • 1.5.2 Hexplanation
    • 1.6 Japanese Girl
      • 1.6.1 The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
      • 1.6.2 Hexplanation

These backgrouder stories are confirmed. Some names are as well.

Pink and Purple Haired Girl is confirmed as Lita Lindorm, daughter of The King Lindorm, from the fairy tale The King LindormRaechel Dickey, the rigging supervisor of Ever After High show, is who this backgrounder is based…

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Ivypan800 Ivypan800 27 April 2018

Fourth Birthday!

Hi everyone!

It is our birthday again and the wiki is four years young today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

I am taking a back seat from wiki now as I am so busy with other projects but I still love and adore everything about this wiki, especially all of you who have contributed so much and given so much love and heart to the wiki.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed over the last year, helping to grow the wiki even more, I adore you all so much. You know who you are!!

Once again, thanks to those who have visited and had a peep at what goes on here, I am so glad you did!

My thanks to all....(In alphabetical order for fairness.)

  • 1111449374r
  • 3littlehawgs
  • 4evermore
  • 724948
  • 985l86
  • Abab125
  • Aekomon22
  • AF0304
  • Akatsushi
  • AKNoir
  • Alisa Bruntley
  • Alvilda
  • AmClun16
  • Andie500
  • A…
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NathanNutcracker NathanNutcracker 23 November 2017

Backgrounders vs Book-Only

I chose some background characters, which I thought might represent some book-only characters. For that I based on the appearance, clothes and behavior.

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NathanNutcracker NathanNutcracker 12 November 2017

Minor Carachters separation


  • Bill the Lizard
  • Bandersnatch
  • Bridge Troll (show, Next Top Villain)
  • Card Guards
  • Caterpillar
  • Delivery Goose
  • Dwarves
  • Evil Goat
  • Griffin
  • Mob Fairies
  • Fairy Seamstress (diary)
  • Fish Footman
  • Frog Footman
  • Gingerbread Cook
  • Gingerbread Policeman
  • Jack and Jill's Children
  • Lion
  • Lord Unicorn
  • Miss Muffet
  • Mockturtle
  • Mr. Spider
  • Petalus
  • Professor Fish
  • Professor Owl
  • Red Rook
  • Three Blind Mice (The Storybook of Legends, The Unfairest of Them All, Kiss and Spell)
  • Tortoise and Hare
  • Troll Lady (show, Kiss and Spell)
  • Village of Book End Medic
  • Village of Book End Officials
  • Walrus and Carpenter

Literature Only (Shannon Hale):

  • Acchy (Unfairest of Them All)
  • Amy (Unfairest of Them All)
  • Aquilona (A Wonderlandiful World)
  • Azure (Unfairest of Them All)
  • Beanstalk Ogres (Unfairest of Them All)
  • Brother Hood (Unfaires…
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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 11 November 2017

Minor Characters Part 2

To be combined with part 1.

  • 1 Apple's Aunt
    • 1.1 Personality
    • 1.2 Interests
    • 1.3 Family
    • 1.4 Trivia
  • 2 Barry
    • 2.1 Personality
    • 2.2 Interests
    • 2.3 Trivia
  • 3 Birch
    • 3.1 Personality
    • 3.2 Appearance
    • 3.3 Trivia
  • 4 Elmer
    • 4.1 Appearance
    • 4.2 Family
    • 4.3 Trivia
  • 5 Pear
    • 5.1 Personality
    • 5.2 Appearance
    • 5.3 Friends
    • 5.4 Employers
    • 5.5 Trivia
  • 6 Sarah
    • 6.1 Personality
    • 6.2 Trivia
  • 7 Stepmother
    • 7.1 Personality
    • 7.2 Appearance
    • 7.3 Family

Apple's Aunt is a book-only character. She was mentioned in Fairy Tail Ending.

Apple's aunt has an adventurous spirit. She has a tendency to exaggerate or stretch the truth, telling wild stories about her travels.

Apple's aunt enjoys going on cruises to remote locations such as the North Pole. She also likes crafting imaginative tales, which often deviate from actual events.

She is Apple's aunt.

She is the s…

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NathanNutcracker NathanNutcracker 10 November 2017

Minor Characters

  • 1 Amy
    • 1.1 Appearance
    • 1.2 Personality
    • 1.3 Trivia
  • 2 Alluring Charming
    • 2.1 Appearance
    • 2.2 Personality
    • 2.3 Family
  • 3 Apple's Aunt
    • 3.1 Personality
    • 3.2 Trivia
  • 4 Auntie Step
    • 4.1 Personality
    • 4.2 Family
  • 5 Auntie Aesop
    • 5.1 Personality
  • 6 Auspicious Charming
    • 6.1 Appearance
    • 6.2 Personality
    • 6.3 Family
  • 7 Azure
    • 7.1 Personality
    • 7.2 Appearance
    • 7.3 Family
    • 7.4 Friends
  • 8 Barry
    • 8.1 Personality
    • 8.2 Trivia
  • 9 Beauteous Charming
  • 10 Beloved Charming
  • 11 Bill, the Lizard
  • 12 Birch
    • 12.1 Personality
    • 12.2 Appearance
    • 12.3 Trivia
  • 13 Blue-Haired Girl
    • 13.1 Personality
  • 14 Boreas
  • 15 Bountiful Charming
  • 16 Breathtaking Charming
  • 17 Butternut and Pie
  • 18 Captain Greenbeard
    • 18.1 Personality
    • 18.2 Appearance
  • 19 Captain Hook
  • 20 Card
    • 20.1 Personality
  • 21 Caring Charming
  • 22 Caterpillar
    • 22.1 Personality
    • 22.2 Appearance
  • 23 Changeling
  • 24 Charity Charming
  • 25 Cherished Cahrming
  • 26 Coachman
  • 27 Cook
  • 28 Coura…
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NathanNutcracker NathanNutcracker 1 November 2017

Fairy Tales list

Ever After High fairy tales we had seen on books, diaries and webisodes so far.

  • 1 Fairy Tales
    • 1.1 The Adventures of Pinocchio
      • 1.1.1 Current
      • 1.1.2 Next
    • 1.2 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
      • 1.2.1 Current
      • 1.2.2 Next
    • 1.3 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
    • 1.4 A Midsummer Night's Dream
    • 1.5 Beauty and the Beast
    • 1.6 Cinderella
    • 1.7 The Frog Prince
    • 1.8 The Gingerbread Man
    • 1.9 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    • 1.10 Hansel and Gretel
    • 1.11 Jack and the Beanstalk
    • 1.12 The Little Mermaid
    • 1.13 Little Red Riding Hood
    • 1.14 The Marsh King's Daughter
    • 1.15 The Nutcracker
    • 1.16 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    • 1.17 Rapunzel
    • 1.18 Rumpelstiltskin
    • 1.19 Sleeping Beauty
    • 1.20 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    • 1.21 Stone Soup
    • 1.22 Swan Lake
    • 1.23 The Red Shoes
    • 1.24 The Snow Queen
    • 1.25 The Tale of Two Sisters
    • 1.26 The Three Billy Goats Gruff
    • 1.27 T…

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Ivypan800 Ivypan800 27 April 2017

Happy Birthday!

Hello Royal & Rebel Pedia Users!

I just wanted to say a Happy Birthday to this Wiki! It has been live for three years now and I am so happy with what it has achieved. It has grown into more then I ever imagined possible. Having a wiki has taught me so much, from source code to conversation stills, and there is always more to learn. When I made this wiki three years ago my dream was to have a place online that was kind, friendly and inclusive, and judging by your guys amazing feedback it succeeded with flying colours:D

I may have been the one to set things in motion but this place wouldn't be what it is without you guys

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MisLuck MisLuck 16 December 2015

My WANT list:

These are the dolls that I absolutely want; 

  • Poppy o' Hair

  • Duchess Swan

  • Briar Beauty

  • Raven Queen
  • Cerise Hood
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Chiic1861 Chiic1861 28 October 2016

My latest contributions to Royal & Rebel Pedia

Hello, My very first edit to this wikia has been to the character Raven Queen. I will be adding more information to more characters so that everyone can understand the characters better and this wikia can become even more popular than it already is. Thank you for the kind welcomes. I hope I can become a big part of this wikia and probaly even a blogger! Kind Regards, Chiic1861

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Ouran-After-High Ouran-After-High 29 August 2016

My Ever After High Character Theme Songs

I hope I'm allowed to post this as a blog post, well anyway, here we go

I tried to make them as unique -but still fit the characters- as much as possible, I hope you enjoy.

Royals: My Oh My - Aqua

Briar Beauty: Here's to Never Growing up - Avril Lavigne

Apple White: My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

Blondie Lockes: Rumor has It - Adele

Ashlynn Ella: Today was a Fairytale - Taylor Swift

Duchess Swan: Primadonna Girl - Marina and the Diamonds

Dexter Charming: Popular Song - MIKA ft. Ariana Grande

Daring Charming: Killer - The Ready Set

Lizzie Hearts: Strange - Tokio Hotel ft. Kerli

Bunny Blanc: I'm in Heaven (When you Kiss me) - ATC

Alistair Wonderland: Her Name is Alice - Shinedown

Holly O'Hair: Let Your Hair Down - Magic!

Faybelle Thorn: Trouble - P!nk


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Ouran-After-High Ouran-After-High 23 August 2016

Epic Winter Fairies

I found this picture on The Teatime With Maddie Tumblr page, and they mentioned it had to do with Epic Winter

Can someone please tell me who these drag fairies are, they kind of creep me out

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Ouran-After-High Ouran-After-High 22 August 2016

Blondie Lockes

This is a blog post for me to see what you think about Blondie Lockes

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Ouran-After-High Ouran-After-High 20 August 2016

My Top 10 Favourite EAH Characters

Hello, everyone. I thought I would tell you my top 10 favourite Ever After High characters, and why I like them. So here we go:

10: Cedar Wood.  I really like Cedar, and I feel like she is often forgotten by the Ever After High team. I find her kind and enjoyable, and I really like that she really wants to follow her destiny to become a real girl, yet she agrees with the fact about free choices, and that makes her a rebel.

9: Melody Piper. Same with Cedar, I feel like Ever After High forgot her for a long time, as I feel it took WAY too long for her doll to be released. She has an awesome design, and a really cool character concept, it's just that I felt that was wasted on a mere backgrounder with an identity, just like Hopper and Humphrey.


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Akatsushi Akatsushi 22 June 2016


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GalaxyStars101 GalaxyStars101 4 June 2016

I Am Back, My Dear Smurfs!

Yo yo yo! Elsa of Arandelle in the house!

Haha. I'm back, peoples! (Yes, I did type ‘peoples’ on purpose)

DID YOU MISS ME?! Cuz I miss you!

Don't mind my craziness cause I am SOOOO happy!

I just RECOVERED from Lyme Disease! It's like a “I hope Zayn comes back to One Direction” kind of dream come true! Yassss!

I miss Wikia so so much! :')

I'm back to my normal, crazy, and random self!

Wanna know what I did yesterday? Haha. You should know. Here it is:

Mom: Hey, me and your dad are gonna go outside with your big brother and sister. Make sure to play with your little brother, your brother is more important than your studies for senior year!

Me: Uh, sure mom.

*plays with brother all day*

*mom, dad, and siblings come home*

Dad: What is this? Playing and ne…

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CrystalPony7 CrystalPony7 30 April 2016

Daring Doll Help?

So I'm thinking of getting my younger sister the Daring Charming and Rosabella Beauty Epic Winter doll set, but I can't seem to find it in any stores or even on Amazon... But there is a picture on this wiki and I was wondering where the picture was from, and where I can potentially get the dolls.

Thank you.

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MisLuck MisLuck 30 April 2016

Soundtrack for Characters

This was popular thing to do once and I've been thinking about it too and now thought that I'd do it as I found some great songs that were like spot on.

So, a song for each character. I don't only take the title, I try to listen the whole song and the feel of it does it fit to the character and decide by that.

Raven Queen: Pharao - Beautiful flower of the Bad 

Apple White: Miranda Lambert - Keeper of the flame

Madeline Hatter:  Kerli - Tea Party 

Briar Beauty: Miranda Lambert - Pink Sunglasses

Ashlynn Ella: Traci Hines - Cinderella

Hunter Huntsman:

Huntlynn:  Sarah Brightman - No one like you

Blondie Lockes: Bea Miller - We're taking over

Cedar Wood: Madilyn Paige - Irreplaceable 

Cerise Hood: Amanda Seyfried- Little Red Riding Hood

Holly O' Hair: Emilie Aut…

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Ivypan800 Ivypan800 27 April 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Hi Royal and Rebel Pedia Users! Today I would like to wish this wiki a happy birthday! This wiki has been going for two whole years now and with 705 pages and over 11'000 files I am so pleased with how it has grown. Thank you all for being a part of this wiki! ~Captain Ivy!

CrystalPony7, for all your kind words and support!

Elsa of Arandelle, for being an awesome and supportive moderator!

Filip of Mount Honora, for all your support!

Iamdaisy, for being a creative admin and an amazing friend!

Icemaker3000, for being an great admin!

Mattel, for your amazing creation on Ever After High.

MisLuck, for all the work you do on here and always being so kind and caring!

My Family, for always believing in me!

Obsessivedizzieshipper, for being an awesome mode…

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Filip of Mount Honora Filip of Mount Honora 18 March 2016

Dexter = Good King??

So, I was cleaning my room while thinking. La-la-la... And then I had a crazy idea that might make sense!! So, what if Dexter was the next Good King? The current Good King never had a son, otherwise Raven would have a brother. And, Dexter doesn't have an official story! And with Raven destined to be the next Evil Queen, part of the story is to get married to the Good King! Could it be Dexter?

Let me know what you think and your other theories in the comments. Yay!

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RoybelGirl RoybelGirl 18 March 2016

Parents XD

You know what I would really like Mattel to make? I would love a parent episode with parents interacting with their children, or perhaps a series of episodes featuring one parent/child per episode. I honestly think that would be adorable. I personally really want to see interactions between Sparrow and Maid Marian, the White Rabbit and Bunny, as well as Proffessor Piper and Melody. What do you guys think?

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RoybelGirl RoybelGirl 15 March 2016

Ever After Ships~

Hello, fellow EAH fans. I wanted to make a blog about the Ever After High ships because... I love ships. This is a friendly little blog were people may compare their EAH ships with others and fangirl/fanguy together over the ones they have in common! You can also state why you ship. I do have a rule that I ask you follow...

1. NO FIGHTING. This is a friendly blog, as I said above. ALL ships are welcome here. No hate, please.

1. Dexven (DexterxRaven) Alert! OTP! OTP!! XD

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MisLuck MisLuck 10 March 2016

My dollblog is officially open!


Hi everybody! I would really need your help right now as I'm starting slowly to get to the first SDCC doll aaand after that my source doens't give up the order they came in anymore. I'm not sure was it Signature wave 4 after it? And was then straight WTW or was there something in between? If some of you remembers the order they came in I'd be hugely grateful of help. So many came out about the same time... 

Or then I'm just going to start going through the dolls in order they came in the webisodes. (And throw like Budget dolls inbetween DG and EW, I think there was one signature line too? The one with Melody?)


Second LD serie is going on already! (Though I'd like to be further already. Can't wait to get to the new dolls! Whi…

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Filip of Mount Honora Filip of Mount Honora 8 March 2016

Made-up Characters

Here is my second blog post! This time I'm covering some made-up haracters. Made-up characters can already be made (Ex: 'Winter White' instead of Apple White), or not have a fairy tale. I must admit that in MY spare time, I doodle. So far I've made a 'May' Lamb, a 'Winter' Queen, and a 'Hazel' Fairy. Winter already is a character, Crystal Winter. However, when I looked around, I saw these made up names. Remember- EAH does NOT do Disney!!


If you go here: you can see other bios of characters people made up. I find some of them cool!

[Pedia: Fan Corner]

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Filip of Mount Honora Filip of Mount Honora 6 March 2016

Clear It Up: Disney vs Storybooks

All of the characters in EAH are from fairy tales, poems, etc. NOT Disney movies! So, any children of 'Elsa', 'Anna', 'Jasmine' and so on are totally fake! However, the backgrounder who appears to be Asian, that would be a daughter of Aladdin.

There is no daughter/son of Elsa. Frozen is loosely based of of the Snow Queen, which was written by Hans Christan Anderson. That would be the fairy tale. So to make it clear: Crystal Winter is not from Frozen.

Aladdin is a Disney movie. However, the story behind this could work out. But Jasmine is a name from the movie. There is no Jafar. While the doll hasn't come out yet, (nor become a character) it should be clear it's not going to be 'Jasmina' or something.

Thanks for reading. I don't mean to be po…

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 17 February 2016

Daring Charming Doll

Hey guys!

Now, I've just seen a picture of the new Daring and Rosabella two pack and... DARING HAS PAINTED ON HAIR!

I mean, come on! I would have rather had him looking like Alistair! 

I do not have the picture as I'm on my tablet, but you can see it on Freshplinfa-Ivy's Instagram account (you don't need an account, just Google it.)

Anyway, I'm dissapointed. I want your opinions, too, sooo... have a nice day and don't die of anger!

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Calistaphilia Calistaphilia 1 February 2016

Ever After High Dragon Games Episodes

Hey Guys! I just found the Ever After High Dragon Games Episodes.

Episode 1 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Episode 2

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:


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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 30 January 2016


La dee dee dee da... *is just casually searching through Instagram...then bounces up with owl-sized eyes*.


I can't believe it. If this is real, then you NEED to tell me. Thank you, Mattel, if it is. For anyone who said Lizzie doesn't like Daring, well.......


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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 30 January 2016

I Can't Watch Dragon Games!

Hey guys!

So, I don't have Netflix, and nobody has put Dragon Games on YouTube so far. I was just worried I wouldn't ever be able to watch it, thus all the other people who don't have it.

I would be more than grateful if somebody could give me a link to wherever they watched it, if they have. I'm really peeved :(

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GalaxyStars101 GalaxyStars101 20 January 2016

Bad News

Hi guys,

This isn't a game. But, I am just really tired and I am very upset of what is happening to me. I, have Lyme Disease. Yesterday, I felt tired and weak, I had a headache, chills, and I had fever. I went to the doctor and told them that maybe I have Lyme Disease. But then the doctor said, "Maybe you just need to rest. Lyme Disease is not true." They called me crazy. But I searched up Lyme Disease symptoms and it had exactly what I felt. I went to another doctor. He tested me out and gave me shots and blood tests. He believed me that I have Lyme Disease. I have to recover for a few months. It's like the same situation of Avril Lavigne. I just really want to cry.

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 6 January 2016

EAH Castle Playset

Hey Fairytales!

So, I found the commercial for the new Castle Playset coming this year! I've looked at it, and it's awesome!

Now, I can't give you the link sadly because I'm on my tablet. But you can go on YouTube and type "Ever After High School Castle Commercial" and it should be there.

I know the video isn't great quality, but this is all we've got for now.

So, opinions please! :D

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to say merry Christmas to all my best friends.

Elsa Of Arendelle - You are my BFFA! I wish you all the best for Christmas and New Year ♥

IvyPan800 - The best founder in the universe, and also one of the best friends in the universe. Merry Christmas and New Year! ♥

RoyallyRebelious - Another one of my friends who is so fun and nice. Merry Christmas! ♥

And if I missed you, don't worry! You're still my friend. Just tell me and I'll add you! Merry Christmas everyone! :D

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MisLuck MisLuck 23 December 2015

MisLuck's Mirror Blog


I for the first time went to EBay and found Fairest On Ice Duchess Swan within my price range. they of course started to big near the closing time but I thought I'd get it. I have searching one high and low! But 7 seconds before someone outbid me. :( I hope Duchess gets all the love she deserves. I'm pouting, I had my heart so for that doll!


I find it amusing that I get a new doll, squee of joy for it, then strip it and stick hot needles to her head. I sent a picture to my friends and they were pretty confused. :D (I'm rooting hair to the doll and created plug holes with hot needles.) Now I just have a problem as I know I took a piece of corc from mom to make a decent rooting needle but can't find it anymore. :( I was hopi…

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GalaxyStars101 GalaxyStars101 23 December 2015

Movies you'd all like to watch! (With reasons but not containing any spoilers)

Hi guys!

This blog is not about EAH, so I hope it's okay with you. I just wanted to share the movies that I really liked. You can watch it too if you'd like too. I promise, these movies are the best!

Here's a list with reasons in no particular order:

  1. Pitch Perfect 2 - I really liked it because of the storyline and the harmony of the Barden Bellas. And I bet you will like it too!
  2. Pitch Perfect - Same reason with PP2.
  3. Letters To Juliet - Best love story ever told! I was so emotional when watching this. A movie focusing on two love teams.
    1. WARNING: Don't watch the trailer. It contains spoilers!
  4. The DUFF - No explanation
  5. Clueless - No explanation
  6. Mean Girls - No explanation
  7. Disney Descendants - No explanation.

REMINDER: Watch these movies!!!

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 21 December 2015


Hello. Good morning, and welcome to ODS news. 

So, when I reveal this, you will say "yeah...but they all ready are."

Well, wait for it...

Giles and Milton are...


Yep. You said it, didn't you?

Well, take a look at this very interesting picture...

Do you think this could be the future generation of EAH? I do. That green girl could be the daughter of Bunny and Alistair, because of the rabbit ears. That red boy could be the son of Chase or Lizzie, because, well, look at him! Or because of the design, Sparrow's son. That girl with the purple hair and blue dress could be Raven and Dexter's daughter, because of the purple and blue mixture. And I have no idea who that blue girl on the end's child is. 

So, your opinions, please! :D

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 17 December 2015



Before you think so, no, I am not going to die or leave the wiki forever.

But...I found something for us fangirls or really any EAH fan to get excited over...


Here they are:

So! There they are! But I was utterly dissapointed at one thing...

Daring. My favorite male character's doll...ruined.

I mean, just look. That's just an Alistair in a cheap material of Daring's clothes. Those pants are painted in my opinion and the hair looks nothing like Daring's hair at all (but to be honest, I thought they'd struggle with the hair.)

So anyways, yeah. Your opinions, please! :D

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Endeavor beauty Endeavor beauty 16 December 2015

NEWER Dragon Games Photos

Hi, guys! There are some NEWER Dragon Games photos that I found already. Do you wanna check it out? Here are they:

1. Drawing headshot No. 1: Darling Charming

2. Drawing headshot No. 2: Raven Queen




3. Official profile art of Mira Shards, is here!! 

[[File:Profile_art_-_Mira_Shards.jpg|thumb|left|"Full Profile Art of Mira Shards!

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Obsessivedizzieshipper Obsessivedizzieshipper 3 December 2015

New Theme Song

Okaaaaaay. So...

EAH have a new theme song coming! It's called Power Princess Shining Bright. I really prefer the old one, but...what can you do? Mattel keep ruining EVERTHING!

This also explains why the diaries and boxes have changed.

I found this out on Tumblr, where I find out almost everything about Ever After High! If you don't have an account, you seriously need one. Or an Instagram.

Anyway, rant over! You want the link, don't you? [1]

Okay! Have a listen and tell me what you think!

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MisLuck MisLuck 16 November 2015

Dolls I own

The links from the dolls name takes you to my doll blog so you can really meet all my dolls! ^^

  • 1 Ever After High
    • 1.1 Signatures
    • 1.2 Legacy Day
    • 1.3 Getting Fairest
    • 1.4 Thronecoming
    • 1.5 Spring Unsprung
    • 1.6 Way Too Wonderland
    • 1.7 Hat-Tastic Party
    • 1.8 Through the Woods
    • 1.9 Date Night
    • 1.10 Fairest on Ice
    • 1.11 Sugar Coated
    • 1.12 Enchanted Picnic
    • 1.13 Book Party
    • 1.14 School Spirit
    • 1.15 Dragon Games
    • 1.16 Budget Signatures
    • 1.17 Birthday Ball
    • 1.18 Epic Winter
    • 1.19 Archery Club
    • 1.20 Hairstyling Holly
    • 1.21 Powerful Princess Tribe
    • 1.22 Related dolls and items
    • 1.23 Getting
  • 2 Other Dolls
    • 2.1 Frozen
    • 2.2 Monster High
    • 2.3 Barbie
    • 2.4 Disney Descants
    • 2.5 Once Upon A Zombie
    • 2.6 MC2
    • 2.7 Disney Dolls
    • 2.8 Bratz
    • 2.9 Wonder Woman
    • 2.10 DC
    • 2.11 Shibajuku

  • Raven Queen - European Version and collector brought second wave.
  • Apple White - Europe…

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Magic Crackles Magic Crackles 15 November 2015

New Doll News!

So we're all seen this schedule before, but now there is a lot more information available. Sources mostly from the Russian VK blogs.

Information is not available for all of them but I'll list the number and the additional info available for this line.

DLB34- Not much available but Nina Thumbell is confirmed too be included in the line. Speculated to include Mishell L'Mer also.

DNR59- Poppy O'Hair comes with her own dragon, called Brushfire, but these three come seperate in a mini packs. These are Bravewing, Prince of Scales and Nevermore. Belong too Darling, Holly and Raven respectivley.

DMW62 & DHD78 are too be released soon.

DKM76 has already been seen, and she comes with the dragon Braebyrn!

The Teenage Evil Queen doll is Mira Shards.

Forest P…

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MisLuck MisLuck 9 November 2015

What new dolls you would want?

I want more grand, spelltacular, big dresses. BEAUTIFUL dresses. We have them for Raven, Apple, Blondie and Cupid (Thronecoming) so I'd love to have something even more grander for Ashlynn, Cerise, Poppy, Duchess and Kitty. 

How about holiday dolls? For the holidays we have all over the world like new year and mid summer festival. I think christmas is popular enough too to make it to the list. We have "valentine's day" Cupid already! (Heartstruck)

Chinese new year dolls would be awesome. 

I also want a REAL ballerina Duchess doll! (Maybe it would come as SDCC?)

What do you want?

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