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Blondie's Just Right
Blondie's Just Right.png
Released 7th January 2014
Chapter Two
Episode 1
Running Time 02:52
Previous Replacing Raven
Next True Hearts Day Part 1

Blondie's Just Right is the first webisode in the Chapter 2 webisodes selection.


Headmaster Grimm urges Blondie Lockes to host a MirrorCast show to the students of Ever After High about following tradition. However the Headmaster then realizes that traditions can indeed be broken. He does whatever it takes to make the students continue to follow their destiny, or it would jeopardize their entire fairytale. 


Headmaster Grimm: After the unfortunate events of Legacy Day, some students are questioning our lesser school legends. Maybe if a certain student used her MirrorCast to prove the school legends to be true...

Blondie Lockes: Great idea! I'll prove those legends are just right! Hello, fellow fairytales! With me today, is Cedar Wood and she's gonna help me prove one of those school legends is totally true! Troll tears make awesome shampoo! 

Cedar Wood: Oh! Wait a splinter!

Blondie Lockes: Maybe we didn't use enough? We're gonna make this just right!

Cedar Wood: Blondie, stop it!

Blondie Lockes: *gasps* See? What'd I tell ya?

Headmaster Grimm: Ehh! Ohh! *shudders*

Blondie Lockes: We're here in the charmitorium, to prove another of the school legends: giants are terrible dancers. Helping me out is Duchess Swan...

Duchess Swan: *whimpers*

Blondie Lockes: And Tiny.

Tiny: And a one, and a two...

Blondie Lockes: But... we're supposed to be proving the legends ARE true! Giants can't dance! 

Tiny: Agh! My eyes! I can't see! I'm okay!

Headmaster Grimm: Ugh...

Blondie Lockes: The legend is proved! With the help of Sparrow Hood, we're going to prove, playing just the right song, will sue the fearsome griffin into leaving its nest. 

Headmaster Grimm: Shoo! Go! Fly away! *exclaims*

Sparrow Hood: Buy my demo on the MirrorNet! It's totally outlawed!

Headmaster Grimm: Oof! Ohhh...

Blondie Lockes: Headmaster! The show is going great! And I've got so many hexcellent ideas for more episodes! We can prove that unicorns are really violent, that beanstalks have the sharpest thorns, oh! Oh! Oh!




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