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The Castleteria is the division of the school where the students of Ever After High normally have their meals. Some events of the webisodes also take place or start here.


The Castleteria has big windows that makes of the entire wall that faces the outside of the school. It also has long banners that decorate the opposite wall and that stretch all the way to the entrance.

It has tall trees next to the window as seen in the webisode The Beautiful Truth.The inner wall is colored gray that can switch shades.

One of the entances of the Castleteria is of a circular shape and has vines around it.

Several long tables accompanied by long banches are spread all around, allowing for every student to have a place to seat and enjoy their meal.

There is also what appears to be a more secluded area, atop a some stairs, where a small group of students can gather. It's better shown on the Way Too Wonderland (Special) and also on Epic Winter (Special).


  • The Castleteria is one of the places in the school that is seen the most throughout the webseries and specials.