Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie
Jack and Cedar - Cedar Wood Would Love To Lie
Released 25th September 2013
Chapter One
Episode 8
Running Time 02:20
Previous The Cat Who Cried Wolf
Next Catching Raven

Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie is one of the middle webisodes in the Chapter 1 webisode selection. 


Professor Jack B. Nimble proposes that the students are to write tall tales for their homework. However, Cedar Wood has trouble with this since she cannot stretch the truth or alter it even. 

While Cedar is wandering in the Enchanted Forest she finds Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman strangely complimenting each other. After spying on them for a short while, she confronts them and soon finds out about their dating secret. Ashlynn and Hunter deny it at first and then, when it seems so obvious, Hunter wonders what they are going to do as Cedar cannot tell a lie. 

When it's time to present their tall tales, Cedar gets out a packet of snacks and eats from them which prevents her from talking clearly. Ashylnn Ella and Hunter Huntsman appreciates Cedar's help and Ashlynn winks at her from the crowd. Cedar passes the wink back. 


Jack B. Nimble: And so, there I was, Professor Jack B. Nimble, about to jump over the candlestick when I realized it wasn't a candle at all but a nest of fire-breathing baby dragons! 

Students: *gasps*

Jack B. Nimble: Your assignment is to come up with a tall tale of your own.

Cedar Wood: See, it's just that since I'm cursed to never lie, I'm not real good at stretching the truth. 

Jack B. Nimble: Well, then why don't you try to find a real-life story that is so dramatic that is sounds like a tall tale? 

Cedar Wood: Perfect! Wait... where am I gonna find one of those?

Ashlynn Ella: My, what big muscles you have. 

Hunter Huntsman: All the better to hug you with!

Cedar Wood: Wait a splinter! You two are dating!

Ashlynn Ella: What? No, that's silly! Of course we're not!

Cedar Wood: Romantic picnic, um, heart-shaped cupcakes. Really guys? Come on. 

Hunter Huntsman: Egh, these aren't romantic! My..Uncle made 'em. 

Cedar Wood: What about this? Your initials! Inside a heart!

Ashlynn Ella: Oh, we didn't do that! Must've been that...ughh...woodpecker! Bad woodpecker!

Woodpecker: *burps*

Cedar Wood: Okay. Well, what about...THIS?! 'Ashlynn, I'm so glad we're secretly dating. Love, Hunter Huntsman.' I mean, come on!

Ashlynn Ella: You wrote that for me? 

Cedar Wood: *gasps* when Professor Nimble asks me if anything dramatic happened today, I'm gonna have to tell everyone about you guys. I can't lie! 

Hunter Huntsman: Well, what are we gonna do? Everybody's gonna know!

Cedar Wood: Wait a splinter. I think I have an idea. Well, I was out walking in the woods, and I saw something pretty amazing. I saw Hunter and Ashlynn having a picnic!...

Hunter Huntsman: That girl is a nut.

Ashlynn Ella: In all the right ways.

Cedar Wood: ...This is so obvious! I mean, come on. 



Ever After High™ - Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie

Ever After High™ - Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie