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Cerise Wolf
SDCC Cerise Card.png
Daughter of the Big Bad Wolf
Born October 31st
Side Rebel
Roommate Cedar Wood

Cerise Wolf is the alter ego of Cerise Hood. She is the "what if?" version of Cerise Hood; she explores the idea of Cerise choosing her father, the Big Bad Wolf's destiny over her mother, Little Red Riding Hood's. Unlike Cerise Hood, Cerise Wolf is more confident and proud, traits Cerise Hood longs to have.  


Cerise Wolf is an alternate version of Cerise Hood, and shows that she is a free-spirited and wild person. She lets out her wolf side, not wanting to hide her secret of being the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. She is a welcoming person to those who hide their own secrets.  


Cerise Wolf has many wolf features on her. She has yellow eyes, fangs, and white hair with brown streaks. Naturally, Cerise Wolf wears a hooded cloak, and it appears to be made from a wolf pelt. 


Cerise Wolf, also known as Cerise Hood, is the daughter of both Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. This time, Cerise Wolf wants to be proud and follow her father's footsteps, thus calling herself Cerise Wolf. 


Her friends remain the same: Raven QueenMadeline Hatter, and Cedar Wood.  


Cerise Wolf has a pet dire wolf called Carmine.