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These are all of the Characters at Ever After High.


The "Royals" are a group of students at Ever After High who oppose the "Rebels" in what was known as "The Destiny Conflict", a public disagreement about whether or not students should be made to follow in their fairytale parents' footsteps. Students who side with and support the Royals see the importance of heritage and tradition, thus agreeing to relive the lives of their ancestors. The leader of the Royals is none other than Apple White, the royal daughter of Snow White. Apple has always seen re-living her mother's story as a great honour and likes the security the comes with having a pre-written destiny. Although Apple's destiny ends with a "happily ever after", Apple has said that even if her story was one of a villain, or even a troll, she would still re-live it. Not all Royals are literal royalty but most of the early ones were, as it is much easier to agree to following a story with a happy ending then a sad one.

Apple White
Apple Whites Card.png

Apple White is a kind, cheerful and generous girl. She takes her duties as a future ruler very seriously and is using her time at Ever After High to prepare herself to be the perfect queen. Ever since early childhood, Apple has dreamed of being Snow White and places the most trust in the system of legacies, thus she acts as the de facto leader of the Royals at Ever After High.

Alistair Wonderland
Alistair Card.png

Alistair Wonderland is part of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as the next Alice. He loves solving riddles and is a royal. Alistair has blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. He is the son of Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alistair is friends with all the Wonderlandian students at Ever After High, but he is best friends with Bunny Blanc and Madeline Hatter.

Blondie Lockes
Blondie Lockes Card.png

Blondie Lockes is something of a perfectionist, always looking for something "just right." She is Ever After High's authority on gossip and the go-to-girl for news. She even produces and stars in a news MirrorCast, Just Right. Blondie sides with the Royals, although she has some insecurities about her destiny and her royal status. She claims not everyone knows her story, but that she is a Royal. She does tend to exaggerate and stretches the truth at times, which could be seen as a perfect journalist quality.

Briar Beauty
Briar Beauty Card.png

Briar Beauty is shown to have a on-track mind; the princess tries to squeeze in as much fun and excitement as possible before she must sleep for hundred years, whether by shopping, throwing parties, or doing possibly dangerous stunts. Due to residual effects of the original sleeping curse, Briar tends to fall asleep at the worst times. To make up for sleeping in class, Briar is surprisingly good at studying. Briar also believes that joining the Rebels would have great benefits for her, but still is a Royal even though she announced it on Tronecoming that she doesn't want to sign the Storybook of Legends.

Bunny Blanc
Bunny Blanc Card.png

Bunny Blanc is part of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as the next White Rabbit. She is a Royal for unknown reasons. She can turn into a rabbit. Bunny has short white hair that she wear in a bob, green eyes and white rabbit ears. She is the daughter of the White Rabbit. Bunny is friends the Wonderlandian students at Ever After High, but she is best friends with Alistair Wonderland who she has a crush on.

Clara Lear

Clara Lear is the daughter of King Lear, however her story isn't widely known around the school which causes her some insecurities. Madeline Hatter's kindness and patience have eased her insecurities a bit though.

Courtly Jester
Courtly Jester Card.png

Courtly Jester is the villain in Way Too Wonderland. Courtly is the daughter of the Joker Card as well as the student body president, school's vice principal and principal of Wonderland High. She is malicious, clever, ambitious and quick in her actions and mood swings. But later in Courtly Pleads Her Case, she has realized her mistakes and asked the students of Ever After High to let her enroll in the school. She now attends Ever After High.

Daring Charming
Daring Card.png

Daring Charming is very self-obsessed and loves looking at himself in his mirror. He is a Royal. His father, King Charming, encouraged him to follow his destiny due to his looks and positive attitude. Daring is also very charming towards girls and his smile can make any girl swoon. With this, Daring is very full of himself and is very flirty towards girls. Daring is the oldest of King Charming's children and is to be a great Prince Charming, he is bother to Dexter Charming and Darling Charming.

Dexter Charming
Dexter Charming Card.png

Dexter Charming is sensitive, caring and shy. With his kind and modest attitude, the girls of Ever After High enjoy his company, Cupid in particular. Dexter also feels slightly overshadowed by his brother Daring. Dexter is the son of King Charming, although his father often criticizes him and compares him with Daring, which Dexter is sick of, he remains a Royal. Dexter also has a very big crush on Raven Queen.

Duchess Swan
Duchess Swan Card.png

Duchess Swan is a stubborn and cunning girl who is an opportunist and is willing to use bullying and dishonesty to get what she wants most: the promise of a Happily Ever After. She is jealous of princesses, Ashlynn Ella most of all, who are destined for success and happiness, especially if they tend to take it for granted. Duchess looks down at Raven Queen, because she believes that Raven's story is just as bad as hers. But in the book, next top villain, her, Raven, and Lizzie are friends in the end.

Farrah Goodfairy
Farrah card 2 preview.jpg

Farrah Goodfairy is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother, from the tale Cinderella. She is a cheerleader/cheerhexer for the Ever After High Bookball team. She is friendly and helpful to everyone as she sees it as her destiny to help others.

Faybelle Thorn
Faybelle Thorn Card.png

Faybelle Thorn is a grumpy Royal at Ever After High. She is looking forward to being a villain so she is a Royal and wants to fulfill her destiny as the baddest fairy of them all. She is passionate towards cheerhexing and can be pushy and rude if things doesn't go her way. She still realizes when she has gone too far and reluctantly apologizes and is friendlier towards the people she wronged. At least for a while. She enjoys casting spells and causing evil as she wants to be the villain in Briar Beauty's story, The Sleeping Beauty.

Gus Crumb
Gus card.png

Gus Crumb is very greedy and hungry, believes he will starve if he goes without food and he can be easily bribed with sweets. He is aware of his destiny to cook witches and would like to practice on Raven Queen. Gus is Helga Crumb's cousin and the son of Gretel, from the story Hansel and Gretel. Food is constantly on his mind. Gus and his cousin appear to be at the service of Milton Grimm, guarding his office and doing the task of writing on a cave wall to trick Raven Queen in The Storybook of Legends.

Helga Crumb
Helga card.png

Helga, towards others and her cousin Gus, is a threatening person with an addiction to candy, the two are easily scared. Helga has a high pitched voice. She and Gus both believe they will starve if they go without food and are easily bribed with sweets. Helga Crumb is the daughter of Hansel from Hansel and Gretel. She and her cousin Gus can be found outside Milton Grimm's office appearing to be guarding it and they also do tasks for him.

Holly O'Hair
Holly O'Hair Card.png

Holly O'Hair is a cheerful, enthusiastic, smart girl who loves her story. She also runs the school newspaper. She is a Royal. She fangirls over the legendary fairytale characters and, in other words, she knows all of her friends' and classmates' stories. In her spare time, Holly enjoys writing fanfiction as she has lots in her fairytale. She enjoys studying other peoples' fairytales. Holly is also a supportive person when it comes to her sister, Poppy O'Hair, whose scarves she loves.

Hopper Croakington II
Hopper Card.png

Hopper is a very shy boy who turns into a frog when he gets tongue-tied or flustered. This causes Hopper to be annoyed with his approach on girls, such as Briar. Hopper considers his alter ego, the charming yet attractive frog of his transformation, very annoying. However, he is conscious of his whereabouts and he talks differently. Hopper also has a huge crush on Briar Beauty, but the two are friends and Briar knows of Hopper's frog form. As to giving presents to girls, he gives frog-related stuff which girls find disgusting.

Jillian Beanstalk
Jillian Beanstalk Royal Card.png

Jillian loves music and is a friendly girl who can keep her head cool even in tough situations. She always keeps magic beans with her.

Justine Dancer
Justine Dancer Card.png

Justine is a creative, hard-working and confident girl who loves anything to do with dance from the steps in the performance to the preparation backstage. As someone who looks at the big picture, she likes to bring out the talent in others and make sure everyone has their moment in the spotlight. Justine is somewhat multitalented as she writes, does the choreography, directs and casts her own plays.

Lizzie Hearts
Lizzie Hearts Card.png

Lizzie is a kind and caring girl. She is proud of her destiny but wishes to be a kinder Queen than her mother. She is a Royal. She appreciates that her close friends understand her for who she truly is. Lizzie is shown to miss Wonderland a great deal, but has not yet given up hope of returning to her kingdom someday.

Meeshell Mermaid
Meeshell Mermaid Royal Card.png

Meeshell is a slightly shy girl who warms up to people slowly. She loves the color blue and finds it soothing. She also loves music and has an amazing singing voice with a wide range of different styles, all of which she sings beautifully.

Nathan Nutcracker

Nathan Nutcracker, sometimes referred to as Nate by his friends, is the son of the Nutcracker from the fairytale of the same name. Although he is helpful and slightly soft-spoken, Nathan doesn't take very well to people calling him a puppet.

Three Billy Goats Gruff
Billy Goats Helping out - Thronecoming.png

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are three brothers from the Norwegian fairytale, the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The three goats are a team who makes pranks and work together to get treats. They are also nice and helping towards their friends.

Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs - Raven's Tale, The Story of a Rebel.png

Three Little Pigs tend to be helpful students at Ever After High. The littlest pig is scared of Raven Queen and all three of them are scared of Cerise Hood, which appears odd as she is a girl but they must sense the wolf in her. The middle pig is quite sporty. He can be seen having a race with Daring Charming and Cerise Hood. The smallest pig is adventurous and impulsive in his wishes.


The "Rebels" are a group of students at Ever After High who oppose the "Royals" in what was known as "The Destiny Conflict", a public disagreement about whether or not students should be made to follow in their fairytale parents footsteps. Students who side with and support the Rebels think it is unfair that students are forced to follow a pre-written path and instead wish to write their own stories and follow their hearts. The leader of the Rebels is Raven Queen, the daughter of the infamous Evil Queen. As the kind and caring daughter of one of Ever After's most feared villains, Raven decided she didn't want her mother's life as her own and openly questioned The System of Legacies. Not all Rebels dislike their destinies, some choose only to change their stories slightly while others join the Rebel cause to support their friends.

Raven Queen
Raven Queen Card.png

Despite being destined to be the next epitome of evil, Raven Queen is nothing but a kind, friendly and down-to-earth girl who wants to stay true to herself. It is because of this that she fights to change her destiny and started the Rebel movement at Ever After High. Even so, Raven is a considerate person, She is a music lover and has a beautiful singing voice. Raven got inspired by Bella Sister, the first student at Ever After High who denied her destiny and ran away with Brutta Sister from the forgotten tale: The Two Sisters.

C.A. Cupid
C.A Cupid Card.png

C.A Cupid is a sensitive girl who loves love. She does not have a destiny but because of her job she believes that everyone has a chance at true love, so she is a Rebel. Cupid is normally seen hanging out with the Rebels as she encourages them to search for true love. Cupid wants all the students to follow their true hearts' desires. She was a transfer student from Monster High and before she left she told the other students that she was going to an "Enchanting High School".

Cedar Wood
Cedar Wood Card.png

Cedar Wood is a kind, honest, enthusiastic girl who is prone to awkwardness. She is very creative and loves to paint and sculpt. She is very loyal to her friends. Her story as the next Pinocchio contains the Happily Ever After she's always wanted, becoming a real girl, but she considers a destiny on her terms to be most important. Her father was the one who placed a truth spell on her to prevent her from telling lies.

Cerise Hood
Cerise Hood Card.png

Cerise Hood is a mysterious girl and she wears her hood to hide her wolf ears. If people make her mad or aggravated, she will briefly show some of wolf self, her eyes will flash yellow and she growls. This may also happen when she is surprised. She enjoys the company of her close friends. Despite receiving a Happily Ever After (being rescued by Hunter Huntsman), Cerise wishes to change her story and is a Rebel.

Coral Witch

Coral Witch is the daughter of the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. She does not go to Ever After High, as she is only about 10 years old. She is a Rebel and hopes to be able to use her magic to help sea creatures once her mother gets Meeshell's voice and leaves to be a famous singer.

Darling Charming
Darling Charming Card.png

Darling Charming would rather be a hero then a damsel in distress, she is a Rebel because of this. Darling charming is adventurous and doesn't like being tidy and ladylike. Her mother Queen Charming scolds Darling when she does not act ladylike. Darling is the daughter of King and Queen Charming. She has two older brothers, Daring Charming and Dexter Charming and many cousins, aunts and uncles. Her grandparents are Grandma Alluring and Grandpa Auspicious.

Ginger Breadhouse
Ginger Breadhouse Card.png

Ginger Breadhouse loves to bake and has a MirrorCast cooking show called Spells Kitchen which is lacking in viewers. She is a Rebel because she does not want to follow her story. Ginger loves to bake and just wants to bake for everyone even Gus and Helga. She has a hard time making friends as they believe she is trying to lure them to their doom with her baking, like her mother did. Ginger is inventive and creative and would rather use her magic to be the top pastry chef ever after instead of using it for evil.

Humphrey Dumpty
Humphrey Dumpty Card.jpeg

Humphrey enjoys gaming Call of Beauty in the Mirror Lab on the Mirror Network and he often tells everyone to leave him in peace. However, he has a soft spot for Apple, who easily persuaded him in "The Storybook of Legends" to help spy on The Unfairest of Them All, Apple has another quest for him which he happily obliges to do. He enjoys rapping and calls himself a music aficionado.

Hunter Huntsman
Hunter Huntsman Card.png

Hunter Huntsman is very caring and kind and helpful especially towards Ashlynn. Because of his relationship with Ashlynn Ella he is not keen on his destiny and is happy to change it, making him a Rebel. He is also very polite. Hunter is vegetarian like his girlfriend, Ashlynn Ella. Although in his tale it states that being a hunter he must kill animals, he refuses to do so. His relationship with Ashlynn was hidden as students are forbidden to have an out-of-story romance as it could result in expulsion from Ever After High. However, in True Hearts Day Part 2, they decided to make their relationship public knowledge.

Kitty Cheshire
Kitty Cheshire Card.png

Kitty Cheshire is a very mischievous girl who loves to cause trouble. Kitty is a Rebel because of unrevealed reasons. It appears in the Spring Unsprung:The Purrrfect Prank that Kitty undertakes pranks in the hope to impress her mother, the Cheshire Cat. She is also loyal and caring friend because in her diary, Kitty blamed herself for leaving Alistair and Bunny and swore to always look out for her friends. Kitty is an active person though she doesn't like everyone to know it so she can slip from her cat nap to mischief and be back to say she hasn't do anything.

Lilly-Bo Peep
Lilly Bo-Peep Card.png

Lilly-Bo Peep is the daughter of Little Bo Peep from the nursery rhyme of the same name. She attends Ever After High and has a friend there called Peter. It may be assumed that Peter is the son of Peter Piper or possibly, the son of Peter from Peter and the Wolf.

Madeline Hatter
Madeline Hatter Card.png

Madeline Hatter is a cheerful and crazy girl who loves her destiny but believes that it is unfair that others can’t choose their own, she is a Rebel in the conflict. One of the things that Madeline loves about being the next Mad Hattress, is the tea parties. In her family's Tea Shoppe, she finds it unfair that they still keep the order "regular tea" available, since Madeline hates regular tea. She and Clara Lear had an argument, however, Maddie might have to deal with calm people like Clara ordering regular tea often in her Tea Shoppe, if she willingly follows her destiny.

Melody Piper
Melody Piper Card.png

Melody Piper is a very hip girl who loves to DJ. Melody is a Rebel for unknown reasons, but most likely because she is destined to be the next villain who plays out-of-date classical music, when she shows that she is a DJ who likes modern. She is a cooperative person and one of the best DJs around.

Nina Thumbell
Profile Rebel Card Nina.png

Nina is cautious and insecure, especially because she is so small, causing her to feel small. She is sensitive and caring towards others even though she wouldn't know them well personally.

Rosabella Beauty
Rosabella Beauty Card.png

Rosabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast, from the fairytale of the same name. She is a determined and courageous girl who looks for the truth in people instead of judging them by what they look like. An example of this is her handing out flyers to convince the crowd at Spring Fair-est to allow Rugsy to come back to school, after being unjustly kicked out, due to the fact that he is an ogre. Rosabella is a Rebel.

Sparrow Hood
Sparrow Hood Card.png

Sparrow Hood is a very loud, slightly annoying person and he loves to play his electric guitar. He is a Rebel due to the fact that he doesn't want to fulfill his destiny because of his love of music. Sparrow is a bit annoying, seeming to annoy others by butting in with his songs of mockery. He also likes singing the word "Yeah!!!" out loud a lot, annoying the students as well. He appears quite athletic as he can do back flips.

Other Characters

Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn Ella Royal and Rebel Card.png

Ashlynn Ella is a kind, pure, hardworking and sensible girl but has a mild addiction for shoes, a trait Apple implies comes from her mother. She can speak to plants and animals so she is a vegan and deeply cares for nature. She is in a relationship with Hunter Huntsman, a fellow animal-lover. It is under debate whether Ashlynn is Royal or Rebel. Ashlynn originally sided with the Royals, but possibly became a Rebel to be with her boyfriend Hunter, as she herself announced in True Hearts Day Part 3. Yet in Kitty's Curious Tale, the Female Narrator lists Ashlynn as a Royal.

Baby Bear
Baby Bear.jpg

Baby Bear is is the son of Poppa Bear and Momma Bear from the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Baby Bear is a talented artist who loves to paint. He also appears to be constantly thinking about food. He appears to have a grudge against Blondie Lockes, because of her destiny to invade his house.

An Hexclusive Invitation - Smiling Barista.jpg.png

Barista is the female barista who works at the Hocus Latte Café and the Beanstalk Bakery. She has also worked at the concessions stand at the Spring Fair-est in Spring Unsprung. Barista appears kind, friendly and seems to like her jobs severing the students.

Betty Bunyan

Betty Bunyan is the daughter of Paul Bunyan, from the folktale Paul Bunyan. Betty is a blacksmith at Village of Book End. Betty is observant and walks her own ways. She is strongwilled and willful to help others to walk their path too, like pushing Darling to follow her heart and not her destiny.

Brooke Page
Brooke Page Card.png

Brooke Page states that she wants to be a Rebel at the end of A Royal Flush. In most episodes she wants to help the characters and ignores the rules.

Chase Redford
The Red Knight.jpg

Chase is very loyal to Wonderland High, and strictly follows the rules but would like to appear more friendlier than the strict rules or his mother allows him to. He isn't one who fears challenges, he doesn't know how to dance but still agreed to compete with Darling Charming in the "dance-off" and lost. He is also impressed with Darling's fighting skills, but not much is known about his personality.

Cheerhexer Fairies

The Six Cheerhexers Fairies are members of Ever After High's Cheerhexers Squad. They are also the daughters of the six fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty.They are very obedient and talented cheerhexers, who do anything to please their leader, Faybelle Thorn, even if it involves harming other people and even themselves. They seem to be very influenced by Faybelle's opinion, finding everything that does not involve their leader boring or uninteresting.

Crystal Winter
CrystalWinter Card.png

She is a happy and fun loving girl who doesn't take responsibility seriously at first and lets other do the work and make decisions for her. During Epic Winter she learns to take responsibility and make her own mind and not to be afraid to take instant action when needed. She proves to be smart and creative. She loves playing ice hockey and is interested in meteorology.

Dragon Games - Deerla.jpg

Deerla is curious, graceful, fun loving, observant and friendly. She is a bit shy to new people but is interested about them as soon as it's sure they're not a threat. She loves to explore the forest to find the tastiest tree leaves for snacks. She is fast runner and coaches a deer league track team.

Dragon Games - Featherly Forest Pixie.jpg

Featherly is shy but very interested in new things. She is also friendly and helpful towards those in need. She is more serious than her two pixie friends and very hospitable.

Epic Winter - Foxanne.jpg

Foxanne is a snow pixie who protects the snow foxes. She is smart and clever. She loves adventuring and problem solving, and likes to help Crystal Winter with her thronework.

Dragon Games - Harelow.jpg

She is a bit shy but fun loving and happy in spirit. She is very friendly, helpful, clever and lucky. She is a fan of burrowing underground and loves to create fun tunnel mazes for bunny children to play in.

Jackie Frost
Jackie Frost.png

Jackie is cold-hearted with a high level of selfishness. She is rather snotty and has no trouble with being rude. She has a talent for creating schemes, although this ability is often used in order to get her way. She is very bitter about her life as a servant in the Snow King's castle, and has a power-hungry wish to could be the ruler of the Top of the World. She was so keen on this idea that she and her brother conspired against the king and his family, although her plans failed in the end.

Merry Men
Sparrow and The Merry Men - True Hearts Day Part 3.png

The Merry Men are a band that are at Ever After High and Sparrow Hood appears to be the leader. The Merry Men are the sons of the Merry Men who are the group of outlaws who followed Robin Hood in English literature and folklore. One of the Merry Men is Tucker, son of Friar Tuck, and the other two are the children of Little John and Will Scarlett.

Northwind -EW.png

He acts very carefree and likes to have fun, he can be clumsy, and even clueless in situations

Poppy O'Hair
Poppy O'Hair Card.png

Poppy O'Hair is a crafty, free-thinking girl and the best stylist in the whole of Ever After. She is the first character to chose both Royal and Rebel as her side, making her the only Roybel. Ignoring what other people think about her (as per Duchess Swan's mocking of her not having a story in her diary), Poppy enjoys thinking for herself and not letting others tell her what to do. Poppy is a lively and adventurous person. Poppy likes to wear scarves.

Prudence and Charlotte
Ashlynn's Stepsisters.png

Charlotte and Prudence are Ashlynn Ella's stepsisters and are rather stuck up and unfriendly. However, they have a change of heart when Cupid helps them realize their self-worth and potential. Prudence has a passion for dancing, while Charlotte enjoys playing bookball. They originally kept their interests a secret, as they were afraid of being judged.

Ramona Badwolf
Ramona Badwolf Card.png

Ramona can be fierce fighter when needed and is in for herself. As the Daughter of Big Bad Wolf she has many of wolf personality traits like loyalty and good hearing. She can come out as snarky and self-centered due her alpha wolf -like behaviour but she is friendlier than she might look.

Tiny - Poppy the Roybel.png

Tiny is helpful and compassionate. He also appears shy and speaks with a soft voice. With his personality, he is unable to fulfill his destiny. He revealed in "Poppy The Roybel" that he doesn't despise beanstalks or people who climb them.


Tucker is the son of Friar Tuck, and is a member of Sparrow Hood's band, the Merry Men. He is highly afraid of growing bald like his father, doing various hair treatments to avoid this.

Epic Winter - Veronicub.jpg

Veronicub is a snow pixie who protects the polar bears. Veronicub is loyal and dependable. She loves playing and gathering together friends, which makes her the perfect party planner at the Ice Palace.


The "Staff" at Ever After High work to keep the school running as it should.

Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Book Art.png

Baba Yaga is a strict old woman who likes evil. She teaches Home Evil-nomics, and is also a faculty adviser. She wishes for students to follow their pre-written path, such as encouraging Raven Queen,as her adviser, to be more evil. She can be extremely impatient most of the time. She lives in a cottage that walks around on chicken legs.

Coach Gingerbreadman
Coach Gingerbreadman Book Art.png

Coach Gingerbreadman is the teacher of Grimmnastics and literally made from Gingerbread. He encourages students to practice to run fast in case of some mad baker tries to eat them. He is very strict about where, when and what sports should be played.

Dr. King Lance Charming
Lance Charming.png

Dr. King Lance Charming is a reporter with Ever Action News and the father of the Charming siblings. He is also a staff member at Ever After High, teaching Heroics 101 and Advanced Wooing.

Evil Step-Librarians
Evil Step Librarians - True Hearts Day Part 1.png

The sisters are very strict and they want the library to be quiet.

Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen, Faybelle, Poppy, Ashlynn - FC.png

The Fairy Queen is the queen of all the fairies. She lives in the Enchanted Forest and holds a very exclusive party called "The Blue Moon Fest". She also teaches Advanced Elfonomics and Good Magic Mastery classes at Ever After High.

Giles Grimm
Giles Grimm Book Art.png

Giles Grimm is the down-to-earth brother of Milton Grimm. He used to be the librarian in Ever After High until Milton Grimm cursed him to the Vault of Lost tales with a babblespell that made him speak only riddlish. He has always thought that people should be more free in living out their stories. After "thronecoming" he is the co-headmaster of the school.

Tall Tales Teacher.png

Professor Gold is the Tall Tales' teacher at Ever After High. She was replaced by the White Queen as the back-to-school guide of the damsels in distress-type students and as the royal advisor. She likes all forms of literary manifestation.

Green Thumb

Mr. Green Thumb is the groundskeeper and gardener of Ever After High. He takes his responsibilities very seriously but is always ready to give encouraging words to students.

Cerise's Picnic Panic - lunch lady.jpg

Hagatha is the lunch lady at Ever After High. She works in the Castleteria and also prepares food for Thronecoming in the Grimmnasium.

Jack B. Nimble
Jack .B Nimble Book Art.png

Mr. Nimble is a well liked and eccentric teacher of Geografairy and Enviromental magic. He is very agile, friendly and likes to collect hats.

White Knight Full.jpg

Professor Knight teaches Wooing 101 and Hero Training at Ever After High. He is a brave, daring and courageous knight. He admires heroic activities such as climbing towers, slaying dragons, and practicing jousting. Despite being old, he is still a very vigorous and skillful knight.

Maid Marian
Save me Darling - marian.jpg

Maid Marian is the wife of Robin Hood, mother of Sparrow Hood and teaches Damsel-in-Distressing in EAH.

Milton Grimm
Milton Grimm Book Art.png

Milton Grimm is a secretive man and a strict headmaster. Although he shows no sympathy whatsoever to the Rebels he shows favour to the Royals and shows them respect. He has a strong stance on every student following their destiny. Milton has a brother called Giles Grimm.

Mother Goose

Mother Goose is a staff member at Ever After High. She is a school counselor and member of the senior faculty. Counselor Mother Goose is frantic when Legacy Day is ruined.

Ms Trollworth
Ms Trollworth - TC.png

Ms Trollworth is a staff member at Ever After High. She is Milton Grimm's secretary and is a stickler for rules. Ms Trollworth also helps Milton Grimm with his plan to deceive Raven Queen with Raven's Heritage gift.

Pied Piper
Pied Piper Book Art.png

Professor Pied Piper is the Muse-ic teacher and passionate about the subject. His passion gets in the way of his thinking as his playing has a side effect of rats dropping down from the sky. He is the father of Melody Piper.

Rumpelstiltskin Book Art.png

Rumpeltiltskin is the teacher at least of Science and Sorcery. He isn't as interested in teaching as fooling students to asking hextra credit so they would spin gold for him. He is a short man with Russian accent and hat.

White Queen
White Queen Book Art.png

The White Queen is the other Queen of Wonderland and got out of Wonderland before it was closed. She started in Ever After High as teacher and adviser for the royals after that. She is kind and strict but has her quirks.

Additional Adults

Alluring Charming

Grandma Alluring is the mother of Dr. King Charming, and when young, she married with Siegfried, allowing him to be a King Charming, Auspicious. She instructs granddaughters and daughters to be perfect Charming princesses.


Aquilona is the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, and the current North Wind. The students went visit the North Wind, Aquilona, but she can't talk with them, because of her selfishness. So Headmaster Grimm told her story to the students through a play. On the Destiny conflict she's a Rebel.

Auspicious Charming

Auspicious Charming  is the father of King Charming , and as a young man, he had been know as Siegfried, hero of a serie of tales, outlandish adventures, and mythologycal thryumps. But he married a Charming princess, and so while one of his sons had inherited the Siegfried story, the rest became Charming princes.

The Beast - Epic Winter.jpg

The Beast is the main character of the tale The Beauty and The Beast along with Beauty, who is his wife. He is also the father of Rosabella Beauty. He was once a Beast but the love of Beauty saved him from his curse. He lives at Beauty and the Beast Castle.

Biggle Waggle
Biggle Waggle Image - BB.png

Biggle Waggle is a forest troll who lives in The Dark Forest in a bog. He first appears in the webisode Bog Bash where he intends to trap the girls, Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy in a 100 year party. Because nobody ever invites Biggle Waggle to anything, he was having a party of his own to compete with the Forest Fest.

Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep is the main character from the nursery rhyme with same name, and is the mother of Lilly-Bo Peep. She has a little obsession about sheep, and worked in the school paper when she was young, writing articles about her sheep's life.

Blue-Haired Fairy
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The Blue-Haired Fairy, is the fairy who turned Pinocchio in a real boy, from the fairy tale The Adventures of Pinocchio. The Blue-Haired Fairy is sweet in nature and incredibly helpful to those in need. She gives trustworthy advice to others and is naturally good at her job as a fairy. She is considered a celebrity, and does not like fans to take pictures of her.

Bridge Troll
The Male Troll - Raven's Tale, The Story of a Rebel.png

The Bridge Troll is the villain from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and lives beneath the toll bridge between Ever After High and the Village of Book End. The Bridge Troll seems very kind and friendly and even appears to be afraid of goats.


Judge Caterpillar is a Wonderlandian, who judges the undisciplined students of Wonderland High. He's the Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He uses meaningless logic to make his judgments.

Candy Witch

The Candy Witch in the mother of Ginger Breadhouse, and the witch that supposedly lured Hansel and Gretel to her cottage so she could fatten them up and eat them for dinner. However, it is only a rumor Hansel and Gretel made up so they wouldn't be grounded for trespassing. Even though she enjoys brewing evil potions and using them on victims, she has no interest in consuming children.

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat - Spring Unsprung.png

Cheshire Cat is the mother of Kitty Cheshire and is a part of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She appears in the trailer for "Spring Unsprung". She isn't very nice and some people even consider her as evil because for some reason she wants to ruin The Wonderland themed Spring Fairest.


Cinderella is the previous character from the fairy tale with the same name, and also Ashlynn Ella's mother. She's destined to an untimely death, but her daughter doesn't want to think about it.

Dark Fairy

The Dark Fairy is the mother of Faybelle Thorn, and the previous Dark Fairy from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. The Dark Fairy is a very elegant woman who demands respect from all who see her. She takes pride being one of the most powerful fairies there is. Because of a curse, she is often left uninvited to parties. This angers her.

Emperor Buff

Emperor Jason Buff is the main character from the fairytale The Emperor's New Clothes. He had to deal with some uncomfortable issues with that whole invisible-clothing fiasco. Empress Buff is his wife, and she gets angry at Emperor Buff when he does not wear sufficient clothing to greet guests.

Empress Buff

Empress Buff is the wife of Emperor Buff, from the fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes. She is taken as an example of a stern queen by Apple White.

Evil Queen
Evil Queen Art.png

The Evil Queen is the loving mother of Raven Queen and Snow White's step mother. She is vain and embraces her evilness. The Evil Queen is also a powerful sorceress. She broke out of her story and tried to steal every villain's story and cursed Wonderland so she was imprisoned in a mirror prison.

Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother, whose true name is Mrs. Goodfairy, is the mother of Farrah Goodfairy. She is famous for using her magic to help Cinderella get to the ball, by providing the young girl with a beautiful gown, glass slippers and a golden carriage.

Female Narrator

The Female Narrator is one of the narrators at Ever After High. She is the wife of the Male Narrator and the mother of Brooke Page. The Female Narrator seems to be somewhat harsh and judgemental towards the characters, and sometimes even throws tantrums. However, she always has a motherly tone and worries about the characters. In Destiny Conflict she prefers Royals and takes their side in arguments with her husband during narrating.


Gepetto is the father of Pinocchio and the grandfather of Cedar Wood. He is one of the few people who knows what really happened with the Evil Queen. Now he and his family live in his cottage in a small sea-side village, living upstairs and working downstairs. He works with his son, making and selling carved wooden creations. He's the teacher of Woodshop at Ever After High.


Goldilocks, also known as Goldie, is the main character from the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears and is the mother of Blondie Lockes. When Goldie attended Ever After High, she was the editor for the school newspaper. She, along with Little Bo Peep and Sleeping Beauty, wrote news stories and articles.

Good King

The Good King is Raven Queen's father and is/was married to The Evil Queen from the story, Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs. The Evil Queen is in Mirror Prison at present. The Good King lives in Queen Castle with Raven and his servants, Cook, her two twin son's Butternut and Pie and Ooglot the Ogre. The castle was split in two as the Good King did not like being in the presence of warriors and goblins, with the Good King taking the smaller portion.


Grandma is Cerise Hood's grandmother and Red Riding Hood's mother. She is destined to be eaten by Ramona Badwolf, her own granddaughter. She is is the ruler of the Hood Hollow, and does anything to keep peace between the Wolfs and the Hoods.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are the main characters from the fairy tale with same name, and also the parents of Gus Crumb and Helga Crumb. They ate the Candy Witch 's gingerbread-house without her permission, and when she caught them, she was very upset. She called their parents, but they told them that she forced them to do this. And because no one ever believes a witch, Hansel and Gretel's version of the story was written into the Storybook of Legends.


Huntsman is the hero from his generation's Little Red Riding Hood, as well as a character in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He is the father of Hunter Huntsman. He serves royalty unceasingly, and heeds all cries for help. He makes sure that his son follows in his footsteps as a Huntsman, scolding him when he acts in an inappropriate way.

Issle Widget
Issle Widget - BB.png

Issle Widget the Imp who lives in the Dark Forest, likes to play pranks and although imp pranks are meant to be harmless fun, they can still be upsetting and harmful. Imps are known to lead travellers astray in places where they are not familiar, and this is the prank he helped Faybelle Thorn to perform on Ashlynn, Poppy, Cupid and Blondie, leading them away from the Forest Fest and into Biggle Waggle's Bog.


The Jabberwock is a wild beast from Wonderland, who was trapped in the Uni Cairn for many years. He was freed in The Unfairest of Them All, so he tries to transform Ever After into his own Wonderland.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is the father of Madeline Hatter and runs the Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe in the Village of Book End. He is from the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The Mad Hatter is friendly and kind and loves his daughter very much. He speaks Riddlish.

Male Narrator

The Male Narrator is one of the narrators at Ever After High. He is the husband of the Female Narrator and the father of Brooke Page. The Male Narrator sounds like a caring and relaxed person, especially when compared to his wife. Although constantly worried about the characters, he is also supportive and encouraging towards new things and for students to be themselves. In Destiny Conflict he prefers the Rebels and takes their side while arguing with his wife during narrating.

March Hare
March Hare WTW.jpg

March Hare is a character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. He is the Teatime 101 teacher at Wonderland High. He uses a laughing audio during his class, while he enjoys a cup of tea.

Marsh King
The Marsh King with bucket - Duchess Swan's Lake.png

The Marsh King lives in the marsh which is to the right of Jack's Great Beanstalk farm.The Marsh King is a rude creature and is known to pull the occasional girl down under the mud to make her his wife. He is selfish and as he loves to live in grimy and slimy places, he does not care about polluting the environment.

Ms. Direction

Ms. Direction is the founder of Shadow High. She believed that narrators should have more power, so she opened a school to teach other narrators her way.

Nanny Nonna
Nanny Nonna.png

Nanny Nonna is Poppy and Holly O'Hair's grandmother and Rapunzel's mother. Nanny Nonna is the family member who explains to Poppy that she is actually the oldest twin and not Holly, as she was the one who mixed up the twin's birth certificates

Jack Horner

Not so Little Jack Horner is a spellebrity chef in the Land of Ever After. He first appeared in the webisode Ginger In The BreadHOUSE and appeared as a judge of the Chef Showdown in Spring Unsprung.

King Cole

Old King Cole is the main character from the nursery rhyme with same name. In The Unfairest of Them All, Apple White visits Old King Cole for advice on how to be a good ruler, because she figured that a man that happy must hold the secret to successfully ruling a kingdom. After teasing her, King Cole advises Apple to laugh and be happy at any moment. She uses this to perfect her leadership.

King Philip

King Philip is the father of Meeshell Mermaid. He and his wife, Queen Pearl, are the rulers of the Sea Kingdom. King Philip is a kind father, who sometimes tells Meeshell bedtime stories of his time spent on land. Several of his stories are about how he used to slay dragons and climb towers at Ever After High.

Pinocchio - icon.png

Pinocchio is the previous main character from the fairy tale The Adventures of Pinocchio, and is the father of Cedar Wood. He used to be a liar and a disobedient boy when he was young, but now he really prioritizes the truth. He works with his father, Gepetto, making and selling carved wooden creations.

Queen Charming
Charming Princess.PNG

Queen Charming is the wife of King Charming, and mother of Daring, Dexter and Darling Charming. Queen Charming takes etiquette, tradition and manners very seriously. She is incredibly proud of her children and has high hopes for them living up to their standards as the children of the Charming family.

Queen Pearl

Queen Pearl is Meeshell Mermaid's mother and the previous Little Mermaid. She and her husband, King Philip, rule the Sea Kingdom.Queen Pearl enjoys collecting lost human items that have either fallen off of ships, or were forgotten on beaches and washed into the sea.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of hearts ruled the Wonderland with the White Queen before it was cursed. She is the mother of Lizzie Hearts and like her has loud outbursts. She has a heart shaped birthmark over her eye.


Rapunzel is the main character from the fairytale with same name. She is also the mother of Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair. In Truth Or Hair, Rapunzel visits her daughters at their room and says she knew all about the twins secret and accepts it. Only after her visit, does the twins hair grow back to their normal place.

Red Queen
The Red Queen - WTW.png

The Red Queen is a chess piece for the Wonderland high chessboard. She appears to be quite bossy, and is the adoptive mother of Chase Redford, also known as the Red Knight.

Rose Red
Rose and pig.png

Rose Red is a main character from the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red. She signed the Storybook of Legends in the same year as the Evil Queen and Snow White. When young, Pied Piper was going to ask out Rose Red. But because of many rats around him due to his curse, he thought that she would never want to go out with him. After Cheshire Cat helped him get rid of the rats, he and Rose went to the Castleteria to lunch together.

Red Riding Hood
Cerise Picnic Panic - momRRH.jpg

Red Riding Hood is the mother of Cerise Hood and one who went against her story and married the Badwolf. She is kind and understanding towards others but lives with her husband in their own peace near the Hood Hollow.

Sea Witch

The Sea Witch is the mother of Coral Witch and the previous generation's sea witch from The Little Mermaid. She is still considered the sea witch in the sea kingdom but is tired of her role and wishes to become a singing sensation. An avid collector of voices, she covets Meeshell's voice for herself.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty.jpg

The Sleeping Beauty, also Sleeping Beauty is the mother of Briar Beauty and cursed to always fall asleep at random places. She has eight younger sons, all named after adjectives, and a three set is a bunch of triplets. Her sons' names are Loyalty, Tenacity, Courage, Gallantry, Honor, and she has three triplets.

Snow White
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Snow White is the queen of Ever After and the mother of Apple White. She is goal oriented, self confident, perfectionist, a suave business lady who wants to make sure her daughter will get the best life. As a mother she is a bit distant but has her daughter's best at her heart all the time. As a ruler she is loved and adored even though she can be a bit ruthless to get what she wants.

Snow King
Snow King profile pic.jpg

The Snow King rules over The Top of the World and winter. He is also Crystal Winter's father.

Snow Queen
Snow Queen profile pic.jpg

The Snow Queen is a loving and caring mother and wife. She is a bit more strict in the upbringing of Crystal but gives in to her husband. She is fun loving and as keen in ice hockey as her family.


Stepmother is Ashlynn Ella's future stepmother, and also the mother of Prudence and Charlotte. She is just upset and frustrated about her daughters' unhappiness. When she finds out about Charlotte's passion for bookball, she is supportive.

White Rabbit
The White Rabbit - WTW.png

The White Rabbit is the father of Bunny Blanc. He works at Wonderland High and at the court of the Queen of Hearts at Card Castle. The White Rabbit is quite nervous and is often worried about being late.

Troll Lady
The Female Troll - Catching Raven.png

The Lady Troll works in the Ever After High's mail room. She is looking for love and likes girly things, shoes being one of them. She has a deep gravelly voice. She enjoys watching MirrorCasts that do not teach anything like Housewives of Troll County and Daring's Day.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Teedle Twins.png

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are characters from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. They are also teachers of debate class in Wonderland High. Both are totally crazy, fighting for nonsense motifs. Tweedledee is more "affirmative" and Tweedledum is more "negative".

White Knight
W.Knight - SU.png

The White Knight is an old man who has served Wonderland for a long time. He was trapped in a wall between Wonderland and Ever After for ages until Darling Charming saved him ending up to Wonderland herself. Following the knight to his home he declared that Darling was a true hero and could find home by herself. From that moment on Darling Charming has been the White Knight in disguise.

Minor Characters

There are many minor characters at Ever After High. Some appear in the show, books, and others are only mentioned.

Animals at the Stables of Ever After High
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The stables at Ever After High are no ordinary stables, for they'd been designed to house a variety of magical creatures. There live dragons, unicorns, Pegasus, griffins, All the King's Horses, the Princessology horses, the Hero Training horses, the Green Thumb's mule, the donkey that gives ride to younger sibling when they come to visit and the llama that basically just stands around and spat at passerby.

Charming Clan
King Charming.PNG

The Charming family is one of the most famous and prestigious family around Ever After. While the Charming princes are destined to fill up fairy tales in need of a prince, Charming princesses are destined to be damsels-in-distress. There are many Charmings who are unrelated, but one family is considered the main one.

Minor Characters/Show
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Recurring characters in the show.

Minor Characters/Book Only
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Minor characters who appear in the books.

Minor Characters/Mentioned Only

Characters who are only mentioned through the cartoon show, the book series, official cards or diaries.

Once Upon A Pet Book Cover.png

Animals, which then become pets, are chosen for the students in their second year - Legacy Year - as an aid in the students quest to fulfill their destiny.


Dragon Games - Background Crowd.jpg

The number of characters is limited, models are created whose sole purpose is to fill up the classrooms, halls, and environment of Ever After High so as to make the place more lively and realistic. These models are backgrounders, as their role is primarily to stand and walk around in the background while the characters do the story in the foreground.