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Cinderella is the previous character from the fairy tale with the same name, and also Ashlynn Ella's mother.


She's a very loving mother, and believe that chores are good, solid and character-forming, so even having a lot of servants, she prefers that her daughter does some chores.


She has the same strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes as Ashlynn. Even dressed, the first thing noticed is her glass slippers.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and their stories are based. The Cinderella's setting is Cinderella Castle, where the Rose of Summer is kept.


In The Class Of Classics, Cinderella is paired up with Sleeping Beauty in a theater thronework.


She is the mother of Ashlynn Ella, and is the wife of a daring king who is always excited with a good ball and sustainable logging practices. The Evil Step-Librarians are her step-sisters, and she is the step-aunt of Charlotte and Prudence.


  • Her castle is located on the top of a high hill, reached by a very long staircase. However, this was changed to an escalator so Cinderella would never lose a shoe again.
  • Cinderella has a yearly Spring Cleaning Festival that ends in a Ball after the students clean the high school, scrubbing cauldrons and floors, removing old spell stains, vacuuming trails of bread crumbs and sweeping up pixie dust.
  • During the Epic Winter events, Cinderella and her servants fled their castle to avoid facing the harsh winter spell.