Class Confusion
Evil bunny
Released 4th March 2014
Chapter Two
Episode 5
Running Time 02:51
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Class Confusion is one of the first webisodes in the Chapter 2 webisode selection.


In order to get her "evil" roomie back, Apple White plans to join Raven Queen's "favorite" subject. Apple finds being a villain extremely hard as her heart is too kind for such a subject. She gets a D minus minus but finds out that Raven quit Princessology in the first 15 minutes in.


Raven Queen: Maddie, since my destiny is now mine to write, I'm gonna sign up for a class I never would've taken before: Princessology!

Apple White: What?

Raven Queen: I mean, I am a princess, technically.

Apple White: You can't take Princessology! It's not right! I mean, how would you feel if I signed up for your favorite class: Home Evilnomics!

Baba Yaga: Ms. White, take a seat, I was just giving out our first assignment: I'd like each of you to go into the Enchanted Forest, find an animal...—

Apple White: That'll be easy, Madam Yaga! Animals love me!

Baba Yaga: ...and turn it EVIL.

Apple White: Oh.

Badger: *werewolf growls*

Fox: *snares*

Baba Yaga: What exactly about this animal is supposed to be EVIL?

Apple White: Well, it's eating that carrot awfully fast! Which will give it a really EVIL tummy ache!

Baba Yaga: Try again.

Apple White: I'm so mean! Cowar before my meanness!

Baba Yaga: That's just a mask you made with a picture of me! I will give you one last chance to turn that animal EVIL. ...Or else, you'll fail!

Apple White: *gasps*

Baba Yaga: Ha! Hahahaha...

Apple White: Oh, whatever am I going to do? I have to turn you evil, or Raven—*gasps*—yes! Just casting a really...evil spell here! Pretty evil, huh? Huh? Huh?

Baba Yaga: Fine. You pass... With a D, minus! Minus!

Apple White: Yay! Well, Raven, I passed my first Home Evilnomics project! How's Princessology going?

Raven Queen: Oh, I dropped that class like, fifteen minutes in. I couldn't take all the smiling practice - made my cheeks hurt.

Apple White: But... That's not fair! Now, we have to grow evil plants for class, and mine just keeps—ugh! Keep your petals on!



Ever After High™ - Class Confusion

Ever After High™ - Class Confusion