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This page lists the classes that students attend at Ever After High and the teachers that teach each class. (Please see the disclaimer above the Gallery section of this page).

Advanced Allusions ~

Advanced Ballet ~

Advanced Elfonomics ~ Fairy Queen

Advanced Villainy ~ Mr. Badwolf

Advanced Wooing ~ Dr. King Charming

Anger Magicment ~

Applebatics ~

Arts and Craft ~ Professor Card

Beast Training and Care ~ Professor Poppa Bear

Bewitching Song ~

Castle Design ~

Chemythstry ~ Professor Rumpelstiltskin

Cooking Class-ic ~ Professor Momma Bear

Creative Storytelling ~

Cross-Cultural Reference Class ~

Crownculus ~ Mrs. Her Majesty, the White Queen

Dance Class-ic ~ Baba Yaga

Damsel-in-distressing Class ~ Madam Maid Marian

Debate ~ Mrs. Her Majesty, the White Queen

Dragon Slaying ~ Dr. King Charming

Drama ~

Experimental Fairy Math ~

Environmental Magic ~ Mr. Jack B. Nimble

Fashion Design ~

General Villainy ~ Mr. Badwolf

Geografairy ~ Mr. Jack B. Nimble

Good Magic Mastery ~ Fairy Queen

Grimmnastics ~ Coach Gingerbreadman

Heroics 101 ~ Dr. King Charming

Hero Training ~ Professor Knight

Hexonomics ~ Professor Rumpelstiltskin

History of Evil Spells ~ Madam Baba Yaga

History of Tall Tales ~

Home Economyths ~

Home Evilnomics ~ Madam Baba Yaga

Kingdom Management ~ Mrs. Her Majesty, the White Queen

Kingdom Mismanagement ~

Magical Meteorology ~

Magicology ~ Madam Baba Yaga

Muse-ic Class ~ Professor Pied Piper

Mythology ~

Mythmatics ~

Poison Fruit Theory ~

Princess Design ~

Princessology ~ Mrs. Her Majesty, the White Queen

Riddling ~

Royal Student Council ~

Science & Sorcery ~ Professor Rumpelstiltskin

Science & Spells ~

Spells, Hexes and General Witchery ~ Madam Baba Yaga

Storytelling 101 ~ Mr. Jack B. Nimble

Study Ball ~

Swim Class ~

Swamp Swimming ~

Tall-Tale Studies ~ ~ Mr. Jack B. Nimble

Theater ~

Throne Economics ~

Track And Shield ~ Coach Gingerbread

Witchness Managment 101 ~

Woodshop ~

Wooing 101 ~ Professor Knight


Some of the information on this page regarding teachers was collated from the game on the Ever After High Official website quiz, Are You A Royal Or A Rebel. This information differs from information obtained from the webisodes and from the books.