Coach Gingerbreadman
Coach Gingerbreadman Book Art.png
Fairy Tale The Gingerbreadman
Teacher of Grimmnastics

Coach Gingerbreadman is the Grimmnastics teacher at Ever After High. He lives in a gingerbread house and he teaches Relay to the students in case they are being chased by crazy old bakers who may try to eat them. In The Storybook of Legends he oversees a game of basketball where he uses his well known phrase, "Run, run as fast as you can!" after blowing his whistle for the game to start. He is the gingerbread man from the story The Gingerbread Man.


Coach Gingerbreadman is quite strict and tends to shout a lot. He calls the Royals, Your Hignesses and the other students, kids.


Coach Gingerbreadman has white frosting hair, eyebrows and moustache and black frosting eyes. He wears red sweatpants that matches his red headband, a white t-shirt and a purple zipper. He has white shoes and carries a whistle around his neck.


  • Coach Gingerbreadman catches the Crumb cousins eating his gingerbread office.
  • There are other Gingerbread characters around Ever After. In Spring Unsprung there is a Gingerbread Policeman.
  • Coach Gingerbreadman holds the boom-mike for Milton Grimm's MirrorNet broadcast in True Hearts Day Part 3.


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