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Dexter Charming and the Trouble with Jackalopes
Dexter Chaming and the Trouble with Jackalopes Cover.png
A Little Mr. Cottonhorn Story
Author Suzanne Selfors
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780316282987
Series Little Pet Stories
Pages 50
Previous Darling Charming and the Horse of a Different Color, (A Little Sir Gallopad Story)
Next Unknown

Dexter Charming and the Trouble with Jackalopes, (A Little Mr. Cottonhorn Story) is second spin off book for Suzanne Selfors A Semi-Charming Kind of Life.


At Ever After High, Dexter Charming enjoys spending time with his intelligent, bookish, well-mannered pet, Mr. Cottonhorn. When a spell goes awry, and Dexter and Raven are faced with a bunch of unruly baby jackalopes, can Mr. Cottonhorn help to save the day? Read this original short story about Dexter and his pet jackalope, Mr. Cottonhorn.

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