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Driving Me Cuckoo
Raven and Baba Yaga - DMC.png
Released 19th June 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 9
Running Time 3:17
Previous Date Night
Next Bog Bash

Driving Me Cuckoo is the ninth webisode from the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


Raven Queen takes Baba Yaga’s office for a spin to help save her friends in The Dark Forest.


Cerise Hood: Cedar! Have you heard anything from the girls since they left for the party? I was just in the woods...

Baby Bear: Don't worry Dad, Blondie Lockes and her friends won't be back here anytime soon!

Papa Bear: That's my boy!

Cerise Hood: Blondie? Why would she be in the Dark Forest?

Cedar Wood: Weird, because she went to the Enchanted Forest with Ashlynn, Poppy and Cupid. *gasps* They're in the wrong forest.

Hunter and Dexter: *gasp*

Raven Queen: They must have taken the wrong path.

Apple White: I say we pitch in and do something about it! Come on!

Dexter Charming: How much longer are we gonna wait for Baba Yaga?

Apple White: She's bound to show up soon, we just have to be patient and think positive thoughts!

Raven Queen: Well I'm positive I'm done waiting! This is an emergency! How do you work this thing?

Baba Yaga's Office: *clucking*

Raven Queen: Whoa. Baba Yaga's office, forward! Hey, this is easier then I thought.

Baba Yaga's Office: *clucking*

Students: *screams*

Baba Yaga's Office: *clucking*

Raven Queen: Whoa!

Hunter Huntsman: Ugh! Wha!

Raven Queen: *gasp* Whoa!

Three Goats: Baaa!

Students: *gasps* *screams*

Raven Queen: Sorry about that! Heh-heh! Still learning!  Oh - student driver! *laughs uncomfortably*

Sheep: Baaa!

Raven Queen: Slow down! Turn right! Go left, go left, go left!

Baba Yaga's Office: *clucking*

Raven Queen: *gasp*

Apple White: Ohhh...

Hunter Hustsmen: Ooof!

Raven Queen: Yay.

Students: *screams* Whoa! *screams* Ooof!

Hunter Huntsman: Aaaah!

Baba Yaga: Released! Ha ha! Finally! A spell went south and I was trapped in that bottle all night. *chuckles* Raven Queen! Have you been driving this room without my permission?

Raven Queen: Uhh, well, I-

Baba Yaga: I like it! *chuckles* Give in to your dark side! It's an excellent start!

Raven Queen: But I did it because our friends, well they're lost in the Dark Forest. They need our help!

Baba Yaga: Say no more! Hold on! Field trip to the Dark Forest!




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