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Epic Winter
Epic Winter Logo.png
Released August 5th 2016
Chapter Epic Winter
Episode 2
Running Time 100 min
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Next Epic Winter:Power Couple Power Off

Epic Winter will be the second TV special launched on 2016 and the seventh special of the Ever After High cartoon series.

The full length episodes are not be available for public viewing online, they are only be available on Netflix. But parts of the special have been released as small clips. The first ten minutes of the special were also released for online viewing and can be viewed in the webisode section of this page.


1. Snow Day. After an evil spell makes The Snow King unleash a freezing fury in his court, daughter Crystal Winter seeks help from her friends at Ever After High.

2. A Wicked Winter Using Farrah's re-creation powers, Crystal and her friends learn the curse's only cure, leading them on a scavenger hunt to four royal palaces.

3. Ice Castle Quest Jackie Frost and Northwind block the way to Cinderella's castle. Refusing to quit, Crystal takes the lead in finding a way to overcome the obstacle.

4. Crystal Rose While her friends distracts Northwind, Crystal battles Jackie Frost for the last rose, proving she's not a helpless princess and can fend for herself.



When a spell threatens Crystal's family, the Snow King casts an endless blizzard over the land. Crystal turns to the only people who can stop the forever after snowstorm: the powerful princesses of Ever After High! Together, the fairytale friends adventure for the legendary Winter Rose, so they can lift the curse and make this the most Epic Winter ever after!


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  • This is the seventh Ever After High film.
  • This is the second time winter has appeared in Ever After High, the first being in an episode "Fairest On Ice".
  • This is the third time that a fairy tale parent has caused chaos. The other two are: Cheshire Cat and The Evil Queen, though the Ice King was under a curse.
  • Faybelle Thorn and Apple White share the same winter outfit design.
  • This is the first film that Raven Queen and Apple White are not the lead characters.



The full episode will not be released for public online viewing, but here is the Exclusive Ten Minute Premiere.


Epic Winter Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! Watch on Netflix Aug 5th Ever After High