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Ever After High Yearbook Book Cover.png
Author Rebecca Paley
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
ISBN 9780545723688
Publication Date 26th August 2014
Pages 112

The Ever After High Yearbook is a book created to replicate the Ever After High's school yearbook that would have been given to the students during the first year of the series. The book was written by Rebecca Paley and the artwork was taken from many different sources.


Welcome to Ever After High, the hottest new Mattel fairytale property for girls! Get to know the characters and world of Mattel's hottest new property, Ever After High, with this inventive yearbook! Walk the enchanted school halls along with your favorite Royals and Rebels, and discover cool character profiles, highlights from "best moments of the year," class photos, fantastical stories, and much more.

At the magical boarding school of Ever After High, the children of fairytale legends prepare to fulfill their destinies as the next generation of Snow Whites, Prince Charmings, and Evil Queens... whether they want to or not.

But one fateful Legacy Day, some students decide not to follow in their parents' footsteps . . . and Ever After High is forever changed! The students become divided into two groups: Royals, who want their promised Happily Ever Afters, and Rebels, who are determined to write their own destinies.