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Farrah Goodfairy
Farrah's Card.PNG
Daughter of The Fairy Godmother
Born September 27
Side Royal
Roommate Meeshell Mermaid

I've been thinking. I'll never have a fabulous gown myself or have a ball to go to or a prince to dance with. I just wish I could make my own wishes come true sometimes. But I can't.
―Farrah Goodfairy +

Farrah Goodfairy is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother from the tale Cinderella. She is a cheerleader/cheerhexer for the Ever After High Bookball team, along with Faybelle Thorn, Hunter Huntsman, Nina Thumbell, and Holly O'Hair. Farrah is a fashion forward fairy who wants to bring everyone's best side out. She has a beauty and fashion Mirrorblog called 'Fairest Godmother'. She is also a talented designer.


Farrah is very strong willed and motherly. She is kind and friendly towards everybody and always willing to help. She likes the colour blue as she finds it smoothing and says she likes good willed fun just like everyone else.


Farrah has light turquoise and purple wavy hair that is curly at the ends. Her eyes are a blue-grey and she has silver wings. She also has sparkly fairy dust on her cheeks in the shapes of specks and stars.


As each Ever After High student has their own fairytale-represented name. Farrah means "happiness" and "joy". It could also be a pun on, "Fairy". 


It is currently unknown where Farrah lives.


Farrah is the daughter of the Good Fairy Godmother from the fairytale Cinderella.


Farrah is good friends with Rosabella Beauty and Justine Dancer. Farrah gets along well with almost anyone, though she can get impatient with Faybelle. In her diary she says Cedar Wood and Lizzie Hearts her true friends forever and has said Ashlynn Ella is one of her BFFA's.


On the Ever After High website it was stated in a profile Farrah had a crush on Hunter Huntsman since kindergarten, but when he started dating her best friend Ashlynn Ella, Farrah accepted they weren't meant to be.


She has a mouse called Clydesdale.


Though Faybelle teasingly said she could use Farrah to simply wish for the teams victory, Farrah has made it clear that she does not grant wishes. She can only cast glamour spells, such as, in Rosabella's diary, she turned a pumpkin into a pumpkin shaped utility vehicle. But her spells last only until the clock strikes twelve.

Class Schedule

  • Cooking Class-ic
  • Princessology

Colour Scheme

Farrah's colour scheme consists of shades of blue, silver and sometimes purple.


  • In Wish List, Farrah could turn back the time with her powers even though she shouldn't be able to do it.
  • On the official US website, her roommate is informed to be Meeshell L'Mer.