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Ginger In The BreadHOUSE
Ginger and Raven - GITBH.png
Released January 6th 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 1
Running Time 02:40
Previous What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?
Next Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic

Ginger In The BreadHOUSE is the first webisodes from the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


Ginger Breadhouse loves to bake and all she wants to do is bake for everyone. Gus and Helga scream that all she wants to do is lure others to their doom with her bakes but Raven is not convinced and tries her treats. Wanting to help Ginger out, Raven arranges for a spellebrity via the MirrorMail to try Ginger's treats. After trying the treats and having seen his response, Ginger's treats become a hit.


Raven Queen: Oooo. A sweet treat!

Helga Crumb: Do not eat ze sweets! Cousin! Ginger Breadhouse made zem!

Gus Crumb: Oh no! Her mother used candy to try to lure your mother and my father to their doom! And now she's trying to lure us toooo!

Students: *murmuring*

Raven Queen: Oh come on! You're not going to eat them because of what Ginger's mom did to Hansel and Gretel? *munches*

Students: *gasps*

Raven Queen Wow! These are beyond hextacular!

Ginger Breadhouse: Thanks.

Helga Crumb: Aaargh! It's Ginger Breadhouse.

Students: *screaming* Oh! *screaming*

Ginger Breadhouse: *sighs*

Raven Queen: I can't believe they think you're going to follow your story.

Ginger Breadhouse: I know. I just want to bake for everyone. Even Gus and Helga Crumb won't try my treats.

Raven Queen: Some people are just afraid to go off book. *gasps* Oh! Maybe, we need to give them a push.

Dexter Charming: Oh, it's Not So Little Jack Horner!

Blondie Lockes: The spellebrity Chef!

Not So little Jack Horner: I got some MirrorMail that your school has a chef who makes the tastiest treats. And I just had to try.

Raven Queen: Then step on up.

Gus Crumb: But zose treats! She makes them to lure you to your doooom!

Not So little Jack Horner: Well you only live once-upon-a-time. *squelch*

Students: *gasps*

Not So little Jack Horner: Mmm. That. Is. Out of this kingdom! Hey, can you make some more for my restaurant?

Ginger Breadhouse: Sure! *giggles*

Raven Queen: See. Ginger just wants to share her treats.

Students: *chattering*

Not So little Jack Horner: Oh yeah!

Helga and Gus Crumb: *sigh* *gasp* *munch* *chomp*




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