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C.A. Cupid Heartstruck Doll.png
Release Date July 2015

Heartstruck is a Ever After High doll line that features a new outfit for Cupid. Currently C.A. Cupid is the only doll in the line and she was released July 2015. No more dolls have been announced for this line.


The outfit in this line featured in the webisode Heart Struck. In the webisode, Cupid wears her dress on the first day of spring when she is tending to her window-box of Mood Rose flowers.

C.A. Cupid

Line: Heartstruck.

Released Date: July 2015

Retail Price: £24.99, ($24.99).

Hair and Make up: The hair has two shades of pink, is long, curled with straight bangs and a twisted bun on the top of her head. Curled strand of hair on side of her head. Pink eyeshadow and pink and yellow hearts and flowers on her cheeks, light pink lips with red heart in the middle.

Clothes: Sleeveless pink bodice with white and light lavender flowers that continues as rounded, knee length hem, open from front. Under is longer, similar hem made from shimmering pink mesh fabric and under is yellow skirt with petal cut edge. Pink heels with roses, bows and red hearts.

Accessories: Large, white wings with pink and light rose flowers, lime green petals and pearl and heart lines connected to a copper and green neckpiece with pink flowers. Light green and yellow flower headpiece, copper flower and hearts earrings, brown leaf bracelets up to her arms with purple roses. Green vine belt with pink flowers and two vines with green leaves, pink hearts falling down to her knee level. Bouquet of pink and purple flowers and green leaves with a white card on purple vase .

Extras: Diary, golden stand and brush.