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The Hocus Latte Coffee Shop is one of the most popular places in The Village of Book End to get a drink or to go for a chat.

There are a lot of large windows in the café, so there is a lot of daylight, maybe to give the impression that you are still outdoors and this effect is added to, by the presence of a huge tree in the café. Around the tree are high backs chairs and metal wrought chairs. There is a sofa with a TV screen on the wall. The colour theme tends to be brown and green which again offers the effect of outside and woodland. There are many plants, ivy vines and greenery on the walls.

The One Barista that is shown at the Café is a female. She wears a brown uniform with a white collar and short sleeves with an orange polka dot apron over the top. On her head she wears a medieval cone hat (one horned hennin), with a orange sheer veil attached and an orange trim at the base. There is a motif on the hennin and on her apron that appears to be for the Hocus Latte Café.