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Jackie Frost
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All that power, and what do they do with it? Have fun? Blech. They deserve to have it stolen.
―Jackie Frost +

Jackie Frost is one of the main antagonists from the movie Epic Winter and is a servant of The Snow King.


Jackie is cold-hearted with a high level of selfishness. She is rather snotty and has no trouble with being rude. She has a talent for creating schemes, although this ability is often used in order to get her way. She is very bitter about her life as a servant in the Snow King's castle, and has a power-hungry wish to could be the ruler of the Top of the World. She was so keen on this idea that she and her brother conspired against the king and his family, although her plans failed in the end.


Jackie is a very short and overall small person in comparison to the students of Ever After High. She has snow white hair styled in long spikes that stick out in all directions, Her eyes are a violet color and her makeup around them is in deep purple and aqua colors. Her cheeks are flushed purple with frosty snowflake marks resembling freckles. Her lips are a very dark blue. She has pointed ears and a pert nose.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and there stories are based. Jackie Frost's setting is the Snow King's Ice Castle at The Top Of The World where she works. The Ice Castle is located above the clouds, behind a big, ice gate in the middle of large snow fields. There are amazing views of the starry sky and northern lights.


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She is the twin sister of Northwind.


She has the ability to shapeshift into arctic animals including a polar bear, snow owl and an ice sculpture. However, she needed the sceptre of the Snow King in order to transform into an ice giant.


  • In the Epic Winter Junior Novel, Jackie is described as a "frost elf."
  • Her name is a variation of Jack Frost.