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Justine Dancer
Justine Dancer Card.png
Daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess
Born December 27
Side Royal
Roommate Ramona Badwolf

I haven’t met a dance yet I couldn’t master.
―Justine Dancer +

Justine Dancer is the daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess from the tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses. She is a Royal.


Justine is a creative, hard-working and confident girl who loves anything to do with dance, from the steps in the performance to the preparation backstage. As someone who looks at the big picture, she likes to bring out the talent in others and make sure everyone has their moment in the spotlight. Justine is somewhat multitalented as she writes, does the choreography, directs and casts her own plays. 


Justine has long, wavy, dark loosely curled brown hair, and green eyes.


She is the daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess, and has 11 older sisters who all attended the Ever After High before her.


Justine gets along well with the other members of the Council; Briar Beauty, Hopper Croakington II, and Bunny Blanc. She is also good friends with Farrah Goodfairy. She also likes Melody Piper because she always plays the best tunes. She gets along with her roommate Ramona Badwolf and seems to be a closer friend with Ashlynn Ella. She also admires Duchess Swan (a fellow Royal) for her dancing and Duchess eventually returned Justine's admiration.


She says she is willing to share the dance floor with the right prince.


It is unknown if Justine has a pet or not.


Whenever Justine tries to do something sneaky, she is always caught. Also, whenever she dances, other people around her start to dance too.

Class Schedule

  1. Muse-ic
  2. Princessology
  3. Dance Class-ic
  4. Science & Sorcery

Colour Scheme

Justine's colour scheme consists of three colours: shades of silver, shades of gold and light pink.


Justine wears a short, gold colored dress with pink ballerina ribbon designs printed on it and a sweetheart neckline. Her dress has long white sheer sleeves, that could be tulle or chiffon. Her sleeves end at her wrist tied down with small gold bows. The bottom of her dress has black sheer chiffon or tulle accent speckled with gold glitter. Over her dress she wears a metalic silver, outer underbust corset accented with gold gems. She wears a large tiara that matches her corset and matching strap stilettos. Her accessories are a long chunky silver necklace, a small gold purse, a large gold flower bracelet on her left wrist, a pearl bracelet on her right wrist an and gold flower ring on her right hand.


  • It is possible that Justine likes tap-dancing best.
  • All her sisters have mastered a different type of dance (ie Ballet, Tap) but Justine was able to master and combine all of them to create her own style (Diary). In Moonlight Mystery it showed that ballet is Justine's destiny.
  • She admires Duchess Swan for her dancing talents.
  • She beats Duchess Swan in a dancing contest called "So You're Destined to Dance." Duchess placed second and Apple White placed third.
  • Her favorite class is Muse-ic, and her least favorite is Princessology because it doesn't allow her to explore her creative side.