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Line: Originals.

Released Date:

Retail Price: £19.99 ($21.99).

Hair and Make-up: Light pink and silver eyeshadow, pink and blue seashell decoration on her cheek with glitter and light pink lips. Coral, pink and magenta hair.

Clothes: The dress has pink bodice from the front and blue from the back with blue mermaid hem with shiny scale print and light blue tulle ruffles from waist down. White shoes with fishtail heel

Accessories: White crown, gold shoulder pads, mermaid bracelet and a shell and seahorse decorated blue purse.

Extras: Doll card.

Back to School

Line: Back To School (Doll Line)

Release Date: March 2017.

Retail Price: 16.99$.

Hair and make-up: Light pink and light blue eyeshadow and stars of same colour around her right eye, light pink lips. Pink and purple hair parted right and right side from parting is pulled back.

Clothes: Light blue bodice with printed white collars and borders for v-neck, white buttons in front, EA logo on left and light yellow clock chain going to left pocket. Square skirt is coral, light blue and yellow checkered with light blue shells, knee high and underneath is an uneven light blue tulle. White heels with locks, keys, bow, bunny tails and book piles as a heel.

Accessories: Light blue scarf as a headband, three light blue books held with a string that works as strap, light blue laptop with Brooke Page as background image and few conversation windows on.

Extras: Golden brush and a student card.