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Melody Piper
Melody card rebel.png
Daughter of The Pied Piper
Born July 31
Side Rebel
Roommate Ginger Breadhouse

Melody Piper is a Rebel for unknown reasons, but most likely because she is destined to be the next villain who plays out-of-date classical music, when she shows that she is a DJ who likes modern. She is a cooperative person and one of the best DJs around.


Melody Piper is a very hip girl who loves to DJ. She is a Rebel. She is fun loving, friendly, edgy and upbeat but emphatic. She doesn't always have a way with words but she tries to cheer people up or console them through her music. She doesn't care about fame or spotlight, she cares that everyone can let themselves go to her music and have fun.


Melody has light brown eyes and white hair with bright and dusky pink-purple streaks.


As each Ever After High student has their own fairytale-represented name, Melody gets her name by the word "melody" in music. Her name relates to her because she still plays a flute and is good at it, she however prefers being a DJ.


Melody is the daughter of the Pied Piper from the story "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".


Melody is friends with Ginger Breadhouse and appears to be good friends with Briar Beauty and C.A. Cupid. Madeline Hatter is one of her fans but it is unknown if the two are friends or not. She is also acquainted with Dexter Charming and Humphrey Dumpty, who she helped with the online vote for Thronecoming King & Queen.

In her diary she met Meeshell Mermaid, the daughter of The Little Mermaid, who shared the same interest in music and they became good friends. She also is friends with Justine Dancer as she shares her passion towards music.


Melody does not have a boyfriend, although she has asked Sparrow out on a date. On the Ever After High website she has stated the man for her must have music in their hearts and no rats. Her profile states the person for her has to have spelltastic taste in music.


Melody has a Dragon Games dragon called Deejay. Her regular school pet is a rat named Mousetro.


She can hypnotize people with a flute or any instrument, including turn-tables though she doesn't care to do it. She can however enchant people to dance. She also can call different animals with different tunes. A thing she is not so into as she doesn't want to ruin a party with animal infestion. 

Class Schedule

Science & Sorcery


Dance Class-ic


Color Scheme

Melody's outfit consists of three colors: yellow, purple and shades of black.


Melody wears a dirty yellow top with wavy blue sound patterns on it. She wears a lavender-colored skirt with flowing flower patterns and a criss-cross stitch with purple beads and frilly yellow lining. She wears a black leather jacket with bear-shaped silver buttons and a bright white zipper. She accessorizes with a black choker with black-holed circles. Melody also wears a set of headphones wherever she goes. Lastly, Melody wears purple-gray stockings with grape purple swirls and black sneaker wedges with purple-gray layered heels.


  • Melody Piper is the first doll with a tattoo.