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The Mulit-hex Theatre is the new movie theatre opened in the Village of Book End. It is an open-aired movie theatre with an inside concessions stand. The outside entrance features a large opening between trees, a golden movie reel and a fairy statue as a trade sign to signify that it is a movie theatre.

The theatre appears to be underground or on a lower level than the streets of Book End as there are steps leading down to the auditorium. It is a circular auditorium with tiered seating areas. The seating areas are on lawns/grass with blankets to sit on, cushions for comfort and steps leading to the levels/tiers. The theatre also has boxed viewings which are built into the the many trees that surround the theatre.


  • The Multi-hex Theatre was first featured in the webisode An Hexclusive Invitation when Apple mentioned that the new Multihex Theatre opened that night and she ws seeing a movie with Daring.
  • Raven and Dexter go on their first date to the Mulit-hex Theatre in the webisode Date Night.