Pesky Pesky
Owner Hunter Huntsman
Species Squirrel

Pesky is the animal companion and pet of Hunter Huntsman. Pesky and Hunter are the best of playmates, however Pesky can tend to get carried away and throw acorns and nuts at Hunter. They both enjoy playing tag and they sometimes chase each other around the Enchanted Forest.


Pesky can be a pesky and meddlesome squirrel and he and Hunter enjoy playing together, even though Pesky has human-like instincts when playing games. But, although Pesky is meddlesome at times, this comes in handy when he helps Hunter and supports him when it is necessary.


Pesky is a small brown and tan squirrel with a large bushy tail, a brown and tan streaked fringe and a small satchel he wears around his waist.


Pesky, named after the word pesky, is obviously pesky. Hunter named him this because he finds him somewhat annoying sometimes.


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  • Pesky helps Hunter distract the Marsh King in Duchess Swan's Lake, so Hunter and Ashlynn can gain evidence.
  • Pesky's satchel always has an acorn in.