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Animals, which then become pets, are chosen for the students in their second year - Legacy Year - as an aid in the students quest to fulfill their destiny. Wonderlandians already have their pets when they come through the portal to Ever After, just like Earl Grey, Madeline Hatter's pet dormouse, Carrolloo, Kitty Cheshire's pet caterpillar and Shuffle, Lizzie Hearts pet hedgehog.

The students journey into the Enchanted Forest and a ritual takes place in order for them to gain their pets. Maddie explains that the students must do the Animal Call and Maddie teaches the students what to do and what to say.

"Monkey, tiger, antelope

Elephant, Bunny, cantaloupe

Mousey, guinea pig, skunky-poo

Rat, turkey, chicken cordon bleu-

Callooh callay, oh frabjous day!"

But it seems that it isn't necessary and all that is needed for non-Wonderlandian students, is to declare their name and pull spell poppers prepared by Professor Poppa Bear. The poppers are chosen from a bag, so it appears random, and each one has a different coloured star.

Students ~ Star Colour ~ Pets ~ Pet's Names

Apple White ~ White ~ Snow Fox ~ Gala.

Daring Charming ~ Blue ~ Peacock ~ P-Hawk.

Cerise Hood ~ Grey ~ Direwolf ~ Carmine.

Blondie Lockes ~ Brown ~ A Baby Bear ~ Grizz.

Briar Beauty ~ Pink ~ Unicorn ~ Divacorn.

C.A. Cupid ~ Pink ~ Pegasus ~ Philia.

Cedar Wood ~ Unknown ~ Woodpecker ~ Unknown.

Hopper Croakington II ~ Unknown ~ Dragonfly ~ Drake.

Dexter Charming ~ Unknown ~ Jackalope ~ Mr. Cottonhorn.

Raven Queen ~ Purple ~ Dragon ~ Nevermore.

Duchess Swan ~ Unknown ~ Swan ~ Pirouette.

Humphrey Dumpty ~ Unknown ~ Chicken ~ King Benedict.

Ashlynn Ella ~ Golden ~ Phoenix ~ Sandella.

Hunter Huntsman ~ Brown ~ Squirrel ~ Pesky.

Hunter Huntsman ~ Unknown ~ Griffin ~ Unknown.

Darling Charming ~ Changing ~ Horse ~ Sir Gallopad

Lilly-Bo Peep ~ White ~ Sheep ~ Five Sheep

Wonderlandians and their pets

Kitty Cheshire ~ Caterpillar ~ Carrolloo.

Madeline Hatter ~ Dormouse ~ Earl Grey.

Lizzie Hearts ~ Hedgehog ~ Shuffle.

Other Students

Cedar Wood has a wooden "cuckoo-without-a-clock," called Clockwork.

Farrah Goodfairy has a mouse named Clydesdale.

Faybelle Thorn has a pom-pomeranian named Spindle.

Ginger Breadhouse has a pet that is a gummy candy fish named Jelly.

Holly O'Hair has a charmed lion cub named Clipper.

Meeshell Mermaid has a narwhal pet named Finbert.

Melody Piper has a mouse named Mousetro.

Nina Thumbell has a cat named Rascal.

Poppy O'Hair has a pet squirrel monkey named Barber.

Rosabella Beauty has a pet butterfly named Adelita.

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