Line: Originals.

Released Date: June 2014.

Retail Price: £34.99 ($34.99).

Hair and Make up: Strongly gelled strawberry blond and purple hair cut unevenly so that purple makes a sharp edge. Shining light purple and pink eyeshadow and dark pink lips.

Clothes: Empire cut dress with pink and black upper bodice with mesh sleeves with pink and black laced decoration. Pink and purple hem with grey braids and silver scissors decoration. Black braided belt, black leggins with black mesh sides with red lacing pattern, pink and silver boots. Big black and silver knitted scarf with purple chain, safety pin and pink flower.

Accessories: Pink knotted headband, silver scissors earring with two chains going to upper ear on left side. Purple and silver bracelet, silvr scissors ring, black hairdresser handbag with silver scissors, purple comb and pink duck pin.

Extras: Doll comes with, silver key shaped hair brush, silver doll stand and doll diary.

Through the Woods

Line: Through The Woods.

Released Date: December 2014.

Retail Price: £19.99 ($21.99)

Hair and Make Up: Grey eyeshadow and coral lips. Her hair is purple and longer from the right side and shorter strawberry blonde on the left.

Clothes: Red woolen beret, purple and pink short sleeved, short jacket with scissors pattern and wide collar. Grey uneven skirt with black wavy pattern and pink trimming on top and hem. Black, purple and pink leggings, black boots.

Accessories: Silver necklace with scissor charms, red compass with silver string to the wrist, purple lantern with golden candle.

Extras: Silver stand and silver brush.

Fairest on Ice

Line: Fairest on Ice.

Released Date: 2015.

Retail Price: Unknown.

Hair and Make-up: DETAILS COMING SOON.




Dragon Games

Line: Dragon games

Released Date: October 2015.

Retail Price: Unknown

Hair and Make-up: Light purple eyeshadow and pink lips. Purple and carrot-red hair straight on the shoulder length.

Clothes: Black bodice with shimmering, scaly pattern and purple mesh fabric with black pattern as hem piece on the back. Purple leggings with shimmering orange, silver and blue pattern, high silver boots with black lacing. Silver belt with scissors. Silver shoulder armour and arm armour on her right hand.

Accessories: silver braided crown, large, silver necklace.

Extras: Silver shield ring, a purple and pink baby dragon.

Tea Party

Line: Tea Party

Release Date: February 2018

Retail Price: 

Hair and make-up: 



Extras: Doll comes with no extras.