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Ramona Badwolf
Ramona Badwolf Card.png
Daughter of Big Badwolf and Red Riding Hood
Born April 16th
Side Royal
Roommate Justine Dancer

Talk to the paw, dad.
―Ramona Badwolf +

Ramona Badwolf is the daughter of Professor Badwolf and Red Riding Hood. She will be the next Badwolf. She is possibly Rebel, since her parents rebelled, but she is proud to be a bad wolf, plus in an episode she stated "I'm going to be the next badwolf!"


Ramona can be fierce fighter when needed and is in it for herself. As the Daughter of Big Bad Wolf she has many of wolf personality traits like loyalty and good hearing. She can come out as snarky and self-centered due her alpha wolf-like behaviour but she is friendlier than she might look.


Ramona greatly resembles her sister Cerise; though she does have some distinct differences. She has long brown hair with red and silver streaks, and her eyes are steel blue. Her wolf-like features include wolf ears, sharp canine teeth and red, sharp claws. One of her wolf ears is surrounded in a gold design.

In contrast to Cerise, her brown hair is a shade lighter than her sister's, but she has darker eyebrows. Her hair is longer and extends to her knees. Her eyes are large and rounder while Cerise's are more almond shaped. Her eye color is more blue than Cerise's. She wears bright makeup as opposed to Cerise's more natural look. Cerise wears neutral toned eye shadow and Ramona wears bright purple eye shadow and bright red lipstick that matches her nail polish.


Ramona comes from the Spanish feminine version of Ramon and means 'protecting hands'. It can also be translated to mean 'wise defender'.


Possibly Hood Hollow.


Ramona is the daughter of The Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood. She is Cerise Hood's sister and is distantly related to Sparrow Hood. Their grandmother's name is Grandma Hood. There are other wolves apart of the Wolf Clan in Hood Hollow that are mentioned such as Cranky Wolf, Horribus Wolf, and Cried Wolf.They may also be members of her family.


Not much is known about who Ramona is friends with, but she gets along well with her sister Cerise. She seems to have a protective personality in that she looks out for her roommate Justine Dancer. She also seems to be at least acquainted with Rosabella Beauty.


Nothing is known about Ramona's romance status, but many fans suspect ramona and justine dancer to be a couple.


Ramona and Cerise Hood share Carmine.


Similar to Cerise; Ramona has powers related to her wolf bloodline. While Cerise has advanced strength and speed, Ramona has advanced hearing. Her roommate, Justine, says that Ramona can even hear a pin drop in her sleep.

Colour Scheme

Ramona's colour scheme consists of three colours: Maroon, Dark Blue and Gold.


  • In A Big Bad Secret! it was told as a rumour that Cerise had sent Ramona to dark forest reform school.
  • In The Secret Diary of Raven Queen, Raven states that Ramona goes to school with her, but she doesn’t know her that well. It turns out she was spending the Spring Break with one of her friends.