Replacing Raven
Replacing Raven
Released 17th December 2013
Chapter One
Episode 11
Running Time 02:23
Previous The Day Ever After
Next Blondie's Just Right

Replacing Raven is the final webisode from the Chapter 1 webisode selection.


Raven Queen wishes to find a replacement for her future role in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and an unexpected figure has volunteered to take part. Raven believes that a new person should fill the role of the Evil Queen, in order to please Apple White


Madeline Hatter: Come on, Raven, what's the Hatter? 

Raven Queen: It's Apple. She's really upset about Legacy Day. I wish I could do something to make Apple feel better.

Madeline Hatter: Like all fairytale princesses, she needs an arch enemy to be the ying to her yang and make her feel... complete.

Raven Queen: Sooo, I just need to find someone to take my place as Apple's storybook nemesis!

Little Pig: Um, I'll do it. It's always been my dream to be the evillest pig this school ever saw! *snorts* buh-buh-BUHHHMMMM. HA! Hey, Raven! I did something diabolocal! I switched the yellow mustard for the brown mustard! MOO-HOO-HOO-HAHAHA!

Dexter Charming: Wow! These hot dogs are great!

Daring Charming: I know! I think it's the new mustard.

Little Pig: *grunts in frustration* okay, okay. I'm gonna drop dangerous, gas-filled balloons, on unsuspecting students! Buh-buh-BUHHHMMMM. Nyah-hahaha!

Raven Queen: Really! Ugh.. what kind of gas did you fill them with? 

Little Pig: Helium! 

Raven Queen: Okay, helium is not dangerous. It does this. 

Little Pig: *gasps in surprise*

Apple White: I heard that you're trying to find an evil replacement to make me happy! That is so mean!

Raven Queen: Excuse me?

Apple White: You and I are supposed to be frenemies. 

Raven Queen: But I don't want to.

Apple White: *sighs in annoyance*

Raven Queen: I wanna choose my own destiny! Why can't you understand that!

Little Pig: Girls!

Apple White: I can't believe you're doing this―*gasps*

Raven Queen: *gasps*

Little Pig: Help!!! Girls!!! Hi. I don't wanna be an Evil Queen anymore. 

Raven Queen: Didn't you say this was your big dream?

Little Pig: Oh! Oh, that? That was this morning... *snorts* now, I wanna be... a balloonatic! Buh-buh-BUHHHMMM. 

Raven Queen: *facepalm*

'Male Narrator: And so the struggle continues at Ever After High. Maybe things will just magically work out.

Female Narrator: Yeah, when pigs fly!

Little Pig: Ha ha Haaaaa!



Ever After High™ - Replacing Raven

Ever After High™ - Replacing Raven