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Settings are places where the characters live and their stories are based. Characters feel empty when they are away from their settings for too long.


Cinderella Castle
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Cinderella Castle is Ashlynn Ella's home, she lives there with her mother Cinderella, her father King Charming and her auntie Step. The castle appears in Epic Winter and the Rose of Summer is kept here.

It is located on the top of a high hill, reached by a very long staircase. However, this was changed to an Escalator so Cinderella would never lose a shoe again.

The Charming Palaces

The Charming Palaces are situated atop a each mountain in a vast and rather beautiful mountain range and the palaces are connected by tramways. It is unknown exactly how many palaces there are but it is likely seven, one for King Auspicious Charming and Queen Alluring Charming and one for each of their children and their families.

Geppetto's Cottage

Geppetto's Cottage is the home of Geppetto, Pinocchio and Cedar Wood. Inside the cozy cottage, that is also the wood carvers which is run and owned by Cedar, Pinocchio and Geppetto, there are stacks of wood along the walls, tables filled with half finished projects and the floor is carpeted with wood shavings. The cottage is on the towns Main Street in a small sea-side village where many artists live. The Main Street is lined with white cottages (like Geppetto's) in which families live upstairs and work downstairs.

Hood Hollow

Hood Hollow is where Red Riding Hood has her cottage and lives at. She lives there with her daughter Cerise Hood and likely with her other daughter Ramona Badwolf also.

Mount Olympus
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Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek Gods, and the original home of C.A. Cupid. The several gods are all part of a big great family. Eros and his children, including adoptive children, all live in Mount Olympus.

Queen Castle

Queen Castle is Raven Queen's family home, it is chilly with lots of unoccupied rooms and Raven lives there with her father, The Good King, and their servants, Cook, Cook's four year old twin boys called Buttternut and Pie and Ooglot the Ogre. The Queen's Wing is in the Other Side of the Castle, where colours are dark with scarlet and black carpets, drapes, monstrous statues and portraits of Raven's mother, The Evil Queen.

Sleeping Beauty Castle
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Sleeping Beautys' Castle is the family home of Sleeping Beauty, her Prince, their daughter Briar Beauty and their eight sons. It is a big, pink castle located on water and is reachable by a long bridge. In its current state rose vines has taken over the entire castle. The castle has a High Tower where the famous story spinning wheel and the Rose of Spring is held.

The Dark Fairy's Villa

The Dark Fairy's Villa is home to the Thorn Family and their servants. The Villa is elegant in design and built of white stone. It has marble steps which lead to a pair of French Doors that have tall windows on either side. Outside there is a circular driveway, a manicured lawn, sculpted hedges and a koi pound. At the end of the driveway there is a wing shaped letterbox with a guardhouse beside it and large silver gates.

Top Of The World:Ice Castle
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Top of the World is the home of The Snow King, The Snow Queen and Crystal Winter who all live in an ice castle located behind a big, ice gate. The castle is located above the clouds in the middle of large snow fields and has view of starry sky and northern lights. It appears in Epic Winter and holds the Rose of Winter.

White Castle
White Castle - DGP1.png

White Castle is the family home of Apple White, Snow White and Snow's Prince Charming, (Apple's father). White Castle is a huge, gleaming, many spired palace with large grounds covered in pink blossomed trees. It is a rather modern castle with automatic sliding doors and elevators.

The castle's tallest tower is home to Snow White's office. Snow's office is a large and rather empty room containing nothing but Snow's desk, throne and a few flow-charts.

Wolf Woods

Wolf Woods is the forest that boarders the village of Hood Hollow. It is where Professor Badwolf lives when he is not at Ever After High or his cottage in Hood Hollow.

Wonderland - WTW,ARF.png

Wonderland is the magical and madness-filled location which the life of Ever After rely on. Without Wonderland, the fairytale world would no longer contain magic. The Evil Queen took over Wonderland and filled it with a mysterious substance, turning everything and everyone into strange beings. The portals to Wonderland and any other famous fairytale realm around the world of Ever After have been shut off due to the Evil Queen's reign. A variety of students at Ever After High, (Wonderlandians), come from Wonderland. Wonderland Grove is the one part of the Enchanted Forest which links the students of Ever After High to Wonderland.