Shuffle from OUAP
Owner Lizzie Hearts
Species Hedgehog

Shuffle is Lizzie Hearts' hedgehog. Lizzie wanted a hedgehog for a pet and in Wonderland, where Shuffle was born, the Queen of Hearts summoned Shuffle and her siblings to line up in order for Lizzie to choose. Shuffle lived with her family under the heart shaped hedge rows outside the queen's castle. Lizzie sometimes uses Shuffle as a weapon and Shuffle also does not mind being thrown around.


Shuffle cannot talk, but makes the sound "Roink" when trying to communicate. Like other hedgehogs, Shuffle likes to snooze most of the day, curled up in a warm spot and forage most of the night. Shuffle can over eat at times and can be mischievous, throwing granola at Pirouette, Duchess Swan's pet swan. Shuffle makes soft grunting sounds when happy and when she is scared, she rolls into a ball like a prickly pincushion.


Shuffle is a grey hedgehog with peach paws, a peach face and peach ears. She wears a heart-shaped tiara.


As each Ever After High pet has their own fairytale-represented name, Shuffle's name represents the act of cards shuffling, named by Lizzie. The name was not entirely confirmed in the 1st book, The Storybook of Legends.


Shuffle's mother and father and 26 other siblings still live in Wonderland and her mother and father are employed as croquet balls.


As Lizzie rooms with Duchess Swan, Shuffle rooms with Priouette, Duchess' pet swan and they became friends. Shuffle is also friends with Lizzie.


  • Shuffle is known as "she" in the 3rd book of the series of Ever After High, A Wonderlandiful World. Many would think the hedgehog a "he", though it is incorrect, even though Shuffle is confirmed a "he" in The Storybook of Legends, Chapter 6 Never After Again!.
  • Shuffle enjoys yummy stuff to eat, insects are acceptable but sweet treats are her preference.
  • Shuffle and Pirouette did not get on, until Pirouette helps Shuffle get better after over eating and Shuffle soon appreciates the swan's warm feathers.
  • There is a small e book about Shuffle called Lizzie Hearts and the Hedgehog’s Hexcellent Adventure, (A Little Shuffle Story).
  • Wonderlandian students already have their pets when they come through the portal to Ever After, so Lizzie did not get Shuffle on Legacy Year.