Sparrow Hood
Sparrow Hood Card
Son of Robin Hood
Side Rebel
Roommate None

Buy my demo on the MirrorNet. It's totally outlawed.
―Sparrow Hood +

Sparrow Hood  is a tricky person, even if it means placing bets on others or tricking them, then mocking them later. Sparrow is mostly indifferent to the Royal/Rebel conflict but still uses it to cause trouble for fun.


Sparrow Hood is a very loud, slightly annoying person and he loves to play his electric guitar. He is a Rebel due to the fact that he doesn't want to fulfill his destiny because of his love of music. Sparrow is a bit annoying, seeming to annoy others by butting in with his songs of mockery. He also likes singing the word "Yeah!!!" out loud alot, annoying the students as well. He appears quite athletic as he can do back flips.


Sparrow has olive green eyes, ginger, long-ish hair and a soul patch, also known as a mouche above his chin. He wears a small stud earring in each ear.


Sparrow is the son of Robin Hood from the story Robin Hood. It is possible that his mother is Robin's iconic sweetheart, Maid Marian. In The Unfairest of Them All, Cerise Hood admits to Raven that she and Sparrow are distant cousins.


Sparrow is on former friend terms with Duchess Swan who he helped as she tried to steal other princesses' Happily Ever Afters. Sparrow also tends to hang out with the princes of the school such as Daring Charming and Hopper Croakington II. Sometimes, he can also get into fights with the other Rebels such as Hunter Huntsman, revealed in a webisode called Apple's Princess Practice.  


Sparrow is a flirt, and currently does not have a girlfriend. It is implied in supplementary material that he may have feelings for Duchess. In Truth Or Hair he has a crush on Holly O'Hair.

Color Scheme

Sparrow's outfit consists of three colors: green and dark shades of black and grey.


Sparrow wears a grey short sleeved t-shirt with a black pattern and grey trousers (pants) with a studded belt and high black studded boots with buckles. Over his t-shirt he wears a black jacket with golf buttons and gold studs and it has torn off sleeves. He has a couple of badges on his jacket. Sparrow accessorizes with a tree green kerchief, gold-studded gray gloves with a buckle wristband and a green wristband, a necklace with what appears to be an arrow head pendant and a dirty-green colored trilby hat. On his trilby are two small gold arrow head pendants and two small feathers. He carries his green and black electric guitar with gold embellishments with him. On his guitar is an arrow with a gold head.