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Through the Land of Ever After there are different sports played in different regions. Some of the more popular ones are played at Ever After High.

Sporting Events

Book Ball Championship

Book Ball is one of the most popular sports at Ever After High and the Championship is played during the Thronecoming celebrations. Traditionally Book Ball was exclusively played by the male students at the school, but Cerise Hood had since been added to the team as the only female player. The rules of Book Ball are the same as American Football, with the only difference in Book Ball being that the traditional ball is replaced by a book.

Rugby at Ever After High.jpg

The Tri-Castle-On

The Tri-Castle-On is one of the biggest sporting events at Ever After High as it is partnered with the yearly E-Plating ceremony. The sporting part of the Tri-Castle-On event consists of back-to-back tournaments featuring three of the schools top sports; Track-and-Shield, Archery and Hextreme Croquet.

The Dragon Games

The Dragon Games is a yearly sporting event played at Ever After High long before the present. It is a dangerous yet elegant sport where you ride dragons and play in an arena specially designed for the game. The arena has to be 200 dragons long and has a loop on both end.

Daily Sports

As part of their class schedules the students at Ever After High are required to take part in Grimmnastics, as well as some of them being part of School teams. Everyday sport at Ever After High includes;

  • Archery
  • Croquet
  • Jousting
  • Track

Winter Sports

When winter comes to Ever After the students are able to engage it winter-only sports such as Snowboarding and Ice-Skating on the lake.