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The Beautiful Truth
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Released 1st April 2014
Chapter Two
Episode 7
Running Time 02:51
Previous Apple's Birthday Bake-Off
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The Beautiful Truth is one of the first webisodes in the Chapter 2 webisode selection.


Cedar Wood decides to flip the script and join the Royal Beauty Pageant supported by her friends. She soon finds that the only aspect of the competition is being beautiful and offers her thoughts of what being beautiful means to her. Thinking she has upset Apple White, Cedar finds Apple to apologise, only to find that Apple actually agrees with her and between them they re-invent the contest.


Ashlynn Ella: Hey, this salad totally reminds me, we're having a sale at the Glass Slipper!

Hunter Huntsman: How does salad remind you of—

Ashlynn Ella: You're cute. So, who wants to go shopping after school?

Raven Queen: Sure!

Cerise Hood: I'm in.

Cedar Wood: Ohhh... I can't! 'Cause I entered the Royal's Beauty Pageant, but I didn't wanna tell you guys, 'cause I thought you'd think it's silly, but I love spellebrating being awesome, empowered girls!

Raven Queen: Hohoho, it's not silly Cedar. I say go for it.

White Queen: Bigger smile, Ms. White. Bigger, Ms. Beauty. Cheshire big, Ms. Wood!

Cedar Wood: My cheeks are hurting...

White Queen: Beauty is not always pretty!

Cedar Wood: Oh, these shoes are so uncomfortable. How are we supposed to walk in them? Huh... Whoa!

White Queen: Gracefully, my dear. For the debate portion of the pageant, the topic will be: why is looking good more important than, well, anything?

Cedar Wood: Now, wait just a splinter! I thought this pageant is what it means to be a beautiful girl. Not painful shoes, not silly smiles! Real stuff! Like being smart, and graceful, and—whoa!—and-and the beauty inside of us!

Apple White: She's right.

Cedar Wood: Apple? I'm - well, I'm sorry about what I said at the rehearsal.

Apple White: Why? You told the truth, but you made me realize the pageant doesn't spellebrate what being beautiful is really all about!

Cedar Wood: So... What can we do?

Apple White: We re-invent the contest!

Cedar Wood: You mean, like, change the debate? Make it about being awesome, empowered girls?

Apple White: Isn't that where real beauty comes from? True beauty means living everyday at our best, and never forgetting that each of us is special in our own enchanting way.

Students: *cheers*

White Queen: That was...beautiful! Does our judge have a winner?

Daring Charming: I thought long and hard, and... I choose me. Hohoho—whoa!

Students: *cheers*




Ever After High™ - The Beautiful Truth