The Day Ever After
The Day Ever After
Released 10th December 2013
Chapter One
Episode 10
Running Time 02:28
Previous Catching Raven
Next Replacing Raven

The Day Ever After is one of the last webisodes from the Chapter 1 webisode selection.


The Royals and Rebels argue over whose side of the story is better, Apple White's or Raven Queen's. With the mischief of Kitty Cheshire, this results in a very messy, yet fun argument. 


Female Narrator: So, here we find ourselves: the day after Legacy Day. 

Male Narrator: And relationships between the Rebels and the Royals are anything but a fairytale.

Daring Charming: Raven totally ruined Legacy Day, if you ask me.

Cerise Hood: Hey! Raven wants to write her own Happily Ever After, not be told what to do by the Royals. 

Briar Beauty: Oh, puh-lease. We all saw what really happened at Legacy Day.

Raven Queen: If I can't have the destiny I want, I'll make sure no one has theirs! *laughs evilly*

Royals: *gasp*

Madeline Hatter: I will tell you how it happened. 

Apple White: I propose we banish the Rebels to their own evil school! Hahahaha! 

Madeline Hatter: *psychotic scream*

Cerise Hood: *quietly gasps*

Rebels: *screams*

Dexter Charming: Are you mad, that did not happen!

Hunter Huntsman: Ugh, I know the mature way to handle this - let's just ignore them.

Briar Beauty: Fine!

Kitty Cheshire: *giggles*

Briar Beauty: *gasps* oh, hex! No you didn't!

Cerise Hood: Oh, it is on like Fairy Song!

Royals and Rebels: *food fight noises*

Apple White: *gasps* we have to stop them!

Raven Queen: I got this. I know things have been hard recently, a-and Apple and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye...

Apple White: But it doesn't mean we want our friends to fight about it. 

Raven Queen:I'm glad we can agree on something. 

Apple White: *giggles* me too. Besides, it's not like we can really rewrite our destinies. We have Happily Ever Afters. You don't. 

Raven Queen: Oh, really. *grits teeth* okay.

Apple White: Ooh! My! We're doing that, are we.

Raven Queen: Whoa!

Female Narrator: You see what Raven did? The school will never be the same.

Male Narrator: Exactly, and I think it's a good thing - a fairy good thing. 

Son of the Hero of Harleem: *laughs*

Lilly-Bo Peep: *laughs*



Ever After High™ - The Day Ever After

Ever After High™ - The Day Ever After