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The Secret Diary of Apple White
Secret Diary of Apple White Cover.jpg
Author Heather Alexander
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780316464994
Publication Date 2nd May 2017
Series The Secret Diaries
Pages 160
Previous The Secret Diary of Raven Queen

The Secret Diary of Apple White is a novel featuring Apple White, daughter of Snow White and is written by Heather Alexander. The book was published in May 2017 and is the second book in the Ever After High book series, The Secret Diaries.


Dear Diary,

A prank at Ever After High went royally wrong and turned the school into a spelltacular mess. When I tried to help, I ended up making everything worse! Now Headmaster Grimm thinks I was in on it with Kitty Cheshire, Lizzie Hearts, and Faybelle Thorn, and we're all on castle clean up duty!

As punishment for the prank, the most enchanting dance of the year has been canceled, and fables are spreading that it's all my fault. But maybe I can still save the day-and the dance-if we fix up the school in time! Let's just hope we can finally see crown to crown...

Charm you later,

Apple White


  • Apple is a morning person; Raven is not.
  • Raven is a heavy sleeper. There were once nine pipers piping down the hall, and Raven slept through the whole thing.
  • Apple likes to think she brings a little sunshine into Raven's life. She thinks a future queen should try her best to make everyone's day brighter.
  • Apple values Raven's fashion advice a lot. When stuck between two dresses, she will ask Raven to make the final decision.
  • Apple keeps an emergency snack in her room - an apple and a granola bar.
  • Faybelle, Lizzie, and Kitty have always liked Apple. This is shocking to Apple, because she didn't think Faybelle liked anyone.
  • Apple has a pair of old flannel pjs with red-and-green apple smiley-faces. She thinks they're "too nursery-rhyme school" to wear around her friends, so she only wears them when she is alone (and sad.)
  • The ring on Apple's MirrorPhone for incoming hext messages sounds like bluebirds chirping.

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