The Shoe Must Go On
Ashlynn, Briar, Blondie - TSMGO
Released 27th August 2013
Chapter One
Episode 6
Running Time 02:22
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The Shoe Must Go On is one of the middle webisodes in the Chapter 1 selection of webisodes. 


Ashlynn Ella gets a new stock of shoes for The Glass Slipper although she has less than an hour before the store opens, so her friends Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes assist her. 

Not to Ashlynn's expectations, Briar unexpectedly falls asleep, and Blondie critiques every corner of the shop to find a perfect place to put the shoes. Later on, Pesky, Hunter Huntsman's animal companion, disrupts the unpacking and Hunter bashes his way through the unpacked shoes resulting in them landing perfectly on every shelf. 

Suddenly, the customers barge inside the shoe shop and Briar wakes up from her nap. Ashlynn and Hunter go behind a curtain but Pesky disrupts them again. 


Hunter Huntsman:I got the shoes! Now, how 'bout a hug for your hero? 

Ashlynn Ella: Why, I hope that's you, Hunter. 

Hunter Huntsman: You know it, pumpkin.

Ashlynn Ella: Thank you so much for getting these! And now, you have to leave. 

Hunter Huntsman: Eh...heh?

Ashlynn Ella: Sorry, sweetie. But I have less than an hour to set up the display for these new shoes. Blondie and Briar are gonna be here any minute and they can't know about us! 

Hunter Huntsman: Well, maybe―

Ashlynn Ella: Uh huh, sounds great! 

Hunter Huntsman: You and I―

Ashlynn Ella: You're the best!

Hunter Huntsman: Get some coffee...? And now, I'm here. 

Ashlynn Ella: Thanks for helping, you guys. Now, we don't have much time, but―

Blondie Lockes: No problem, Ashlynn. I see where you have the platform set up and I will move it twnety inches to the left, so the natural light hits the shoes giving them their halo-effect! Just right! Right?

Ashlynn Ella: Um, eh, I guess? Heh. Briar, thoughts?

Briar Beauty: *snores*

Ashylnn Ella: *sighs*

Hunter Huntsman: oh! Pesky... Oh, it is on! 

Blondie Lockes: And that's why glass slippers are totally overrated. I...

Crowd: When are they gonna open? I can't wait for the new shoes! New shoes!

Hunter Huntsman: Pesky? That is the last straw! Hmm... Ugh! Yahhh! 

Ashlynn Ella: We've only unpacked one box so far! And the store opens in less than a minute! We're never gonna make it! 

Hunter Huntsman: You can run, Pesky! But you can't hide! 

Ashlynn Ella: Hunter, no!

Crowd: *screams in delight*

Briar Beauty: Wow. So, do we get free shoes for helping or what? 

Ashlynn Ella: You ready for that hug, hero? 

Hunter Huntsman: Or how 'bout a kiss? Pesky!



Ever After High™ - The Shoe Must Go On

Ever After High™ - The Shoe Must Go On