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The Vault of Lost Tales is a labyrinth under the library at Ever After High. It is inhabited by dusty books and Giles Grimm, the missing brother of the headmaster, Milton Grimm.

Maddie had heard faint knocking for weeks and was able to follow the sound to the dark, back side of the library. But the entrance to the hidden vault is always changing.

A description in The Storybook of Legends, describes the journey to the Vault as follows: Mushrooms glowed high on the walls, twinkling illumination into the dark corridor...the way sloping down, twisting and doubling back, a maze of hallways. The Vault itself is described as: a narrow room that zigged and zagged, every wall covered in bookshelves and nearly every bit of floor stacked with teetering book towers. The room was lit by dozens of smoky candles. Cobwebs on the ceiling twitched in a draft.

Although it is a hidden section of the Lifairy, there is no checking out the Lost Tales books from the vault as they do not like to be taken.


  • Maddie and Raven visited Giles Grimm in the Vault in the webisode The Tale of Legacy Day, to ask Giles about the Storybook of Legends and what would happen if Raven does not sign.
  • The visit from a small group of girl students to the vault in Thronecoming resulted in Giles being freed from the babbling spell that cursed him.