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The Three Little Pigs
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Three Little Pigs tend to be helpful students at Ever After High. They helped Headmaster Grimm on Legacy Day rehearsals by carrying a tiny manual of really useful school rules. The book is so large that it took all three of the Three Little Pigs to carry it.


The littlest pig is scared of Raven Queen and all three of them are scared of Cerise Hood, which appears odd as she is a girl but they must sense the wolf in her. The middle pig is quite sporty. He can be seen having a race with Daring Charming and Cerise Hood. The smallest pig is adventurous and impulsive in his wishes.


The tallest pig wears a school uniform and the middle pig wears a t-shirt and a baseball cap. The littlest pig is very muddy and scruffy looking.


The Three Little Pigs are the sons of the Three Little Pigs from the story, The Three Little Pigs.


  • On their arrival at Ever After High, the Three Little Pigs carried their clothes in handkerchiefs tied to the end of poles.
  • The Middle Pig is quite sporty and runs a race with Cerise Hood and Daring Charming in the webisode, The Cat Who Cried Wolf.
  • The Three Little Pigs have now been replaced by the Three Billy Goats Gruff and have been edited out of the new uploads of Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales. No one knows why this was done.