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Son of the Giant
Side Rebel

Tiny is the son of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Tiny is a helpful giant who has a small crush on Apple White. Tiny is with the Rebels due to his kind nature.


Tiny is helpful and compassionate. He also appears shy and speaks with a soft voice. With his personality, he is unable to fulfill his destiny. He revealed in "Poppy The Roybel" that he doesn't despise beanstalks or people who climb them.


Tiny's face is often hidden, but he has pale colored legs and beanstalk vines curl around them. He also wears a blue sleeveless shirt and orange shorts that are torn and with white stripes down them.


"Tiny" is rather an ironic name. The students use reference of his name, despite the fact that he's a giant.


He is the son of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.


Tiny is a helpful and social student towards the student body.


Like most of the male students, he has a crush on Apple White. Jillian has a crush on Tiny on account of his big heart.


  • At the Bookball Championship in Thronecoming, Tiny announced, in the hope of beating the opposing team the Giants from Beanstalk High, that Giants toes are ticklish.