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True Hearts Day Part 1
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Released 21th January 2014
Chapter Two
Episode 2
Running Time 08:48
Previous Blondie's Just Right
Next True Hearts Day Part 2

True Hearts Day Part 1 is one of the first webisodes in the Chapter 2 webisode selection.


Dexter Charming with the help of C.A. Cupid, tries to charm Raven Queen. Cupid advises him to write a love poem for her, pushing aside her own feelings for Dexter.

Meanwhile, Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman have their own problems: to stop Duchess Swan and Sparrow Hood from telling everybody about their forbidden relationship.


Female Narrator: Welcome, fairytale friends to spring at Ever After High.

Male Narrator: Where following their true hearts is the only thing on students' minds.

Female Narrator: Royals with Royals, and Rebels with Rebels.

Male Narrator: Well, it may not be as straight-forward as that - look at Hunter and Ashlynn!

Male Students: Hey, Apple! Apple! Oh, hey!

Little Goat: Hi. *bleats*

Female Students: Oh! Run everyone!

C.A. Cupid: *gasps*

Lizzie Hearts: Off with their buds!

Female Narrator: It seems that hearts and destinies don't always move in the same direction.

C.A. Cupid: Cupid and Dexter Charming. Ohh.  Cupie... And Dexie!

Evil Step-librarian #1: *clears throat*

Dexter Charming: Hey, Cupid! Anyone sitting here?

C.A. Cupid: Yes...I mean, no! No one is sitting there and yes, you should sit there!

Dexter Charming: Thanks.

Evil Step-librarian #1: Sshhh! QUIET IN THE LIBRARY!

C.A. Cupid: The Evil Step-librarians are so wicked.

Dexter Charming: Yeah, last week, they made me re-catalog the entire forbidden book section.

C.A. Cupid: *giggles*

Evil Step-librarians: Sshhh!

Dexter Charming: Well, look what I found.

C.A. Cupid: *gasps* "The History of True Hearts Day"? Thanks, Dex! You are such a sweet-

Evil Step-librarians: Sshhh!

Headmaster Grimm: And so, each time a fairytale is told-

C.A. Cupid: Headmaster!!!

Headmaster Grimm: My dear, I am writing my speech for-

C.A. Cupid: Love never waits!

Headmaster Grimm: What are you going on about?

C.A. Cupid: True Hearts Day!

Headmaster Grimm: Where, *clears throat* did you find that?

C.A. Cupid: It tells all about this totally hexcellent holiday that encourages everyone to follow their true hearts' desire! But it hasn't been spellebrated in years. *gasps*

Headmaster Grimm: And never will be again! That holiday is...dangerous!

C.A. Cupid: But, but...

Headmaster Grimm: Some students might see it as a sign to break from their destinies.

C.A. Cupid: Maybe True Hearts Day is...

Headmaster Grimm: *clears throat* you are not to talk about this to anyone. Do you understand me?

C.A. Cupid: Yes, sir. I won't say a thing.

Briar Beauty: True Hearts Day? I don't get it.

C.A. Cupid: *sighs* *gasps* Charades!

Briar Beauty: Forty-eight words! A holiday that used to be spellebrated in the fairytale world that encourages us to follow our true hearts' desire, but, Headmaster Grimm doesn't want anyone to know about it, but you think we should spellebrate it anyway and throw a secret underground True Hearts Day dance? Why didn't you just say that?

C.A. Cupid: Cause, Headmaster Grimm told me not to say anything!

Briar Beauty: Secret dance? What if Grimm catches us?

C.A. Cupid: He won't! Come on, it'll be happily ever awesome!

Briar Beauty: I do throw the most hexcellent parties.

C.A. Cupid: Yay! We're having a secret True Hearts Day dance!

Briar Beauty: Shh! Shh!

C.A. Cupid: *voice echoes*

Evill Step-librarians: Sshhh!

Briar Beauty: Um, you might not wanna shout that, you know, being a secret and all.

Sparrow Hood: *singing* Sparrow! He's the hottest guy-oh! In the fairytale-whoa!

Duchess Swan: Stop that! Come on! They went this way. I'm finally gonna get some proof!

Sparrow Hood: Why do you even care?

Duchess Swan: I care 'cause it's not fair! Ashlynn is breaking the Royal rules with her secret romance, but she still gets a Happily Ever After and I don't!

Sparrow Hood: So, you got a plan? I mean, it's not like we're just gonna find them in some romantic mo...ment.

Ashlynn Ella: *gasps* *giggles*

Duchess Swan: Say cheese!

Hunter Huntsman: Huh? Ah, curses!

Ashlynn Ella: Oh, hey Duchess! Sparrow! We didn't see you! *panting* What's...goin'...on?

Sparrow Hood: *singing* You two are totally busted!!!'

Duchess Swan: Ashlynn. Hunter. I think the real question is, what are you two doing here? Having a secret romantic rendezvous?

Hunter Huntsman: We gotta find a better place to picnic.

Ashlynn Ella: Pleeease! You two can't tell anyone Hunter and I are secretly dating!

Duchess Swan: Um, yeah, wow, well... I'm gonna! Ash, this is gonna knock you down the Royal rankings! But don't worry, I'll take your place! And your Happily Ever After.

Sparrow Hood: Bummer. *singing* Princess-to-be, ow, whoa-whoa!

Ashlynn Ella, Duchess Swan and Hunter Huntsman: Stop that!

C.A. Cupid: Now, my lovetale friends, this is the part of the MirrorCast where I try to solve your romantic problems! So, Fragile in Fairyland, what's in your heart?

Dexter Charming: Um, well, uh, I-

C.A. Cupid: *gasps* Dex!

Dexter Charming: I kind, no, I do, I do have a crush on this girl named Raven.

C.A. Cupid: Raven Queen? You have a crush on Raven Queen?

Students: *gasps*

Dexter Charming: I mean, Rachel! Rachel, yeah, I like a girl named Rachel.

C.A. Cupid: Okay. Rachel. So, you like her, what's the problem?

Dexter Charming: We-Well, whenever I'm around her, I get really, huh, tongue-tied.

C.A. Cupid: Huh... Okay. Heh, look. How about putting down your feelings on parchment?

Dexter Charming: That is a great idea! I'll write her a love po...em...Erm. *coughs* huh. Thanks, Cupid you're the best, bye.

C.A. Cupid: No... problem.

Male Students: It's Apple White!

Apple White: True Hearts Day! Aren't you just totally hexcited? It used to be such an important holiday on the Royal Calender. Ah, love. Finding our pre-determined princes.

Ashlynn Ella: Um, sure, yeah.

Apple White: Oh, sweetie! What's wrong? You can tell me, I mean, we are friends forever after.

Ashlynn Ella: I'm not'd understand.

Apple White: What? Is it...boy trouble?

Ashlynn Ella: Oh, wow! Hey, I am thirsty! Um, I'm gonna go get us a couple hocus lattes! Double foam, extra apple caramel, right?

Troll Girl: Egh! You work here! I want these in a size 74!

Apple White: Oh.

Male Narrator: And so, Dexter finished his True Hearts Poem for Raven. Now, he just had to wait for a response.

Raven Queen: What's this? I-it's a love poem.

Madeline Hatter: Ooh! A secret note! Is there anything more hat-tastic!

Raven Queen: But, who's it from? "D. Charming"?

Daring Charming: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ladies.

Raven Queen: Daring? I had no idea he felt this way.

Daring Charming: 'Sup, brother?

Dexter Charming: Oh, gort.

Male Narrator: Love is very...

Female Narrator: Complicated!

Male Narrator: Yes, complicated.




Ever After High™ - True Hearts Day Part 1