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Truth Or Hair
Ever After High School Story book series - Truth or Hair.jpg
Author Suzanne Selfors
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9780316384810
Publication Date 3rd May 2016.
Series A School Story Series
Pages 224
Previous Fairy's Got Talent
Next Fairy Tail Ending

Truth Or Hair is the fifth book in the Ever After High School Story book series and the author is Suzanne Selfors. It features Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair as the main characters.


Holly and Poppy O'Hair are twins, but it's always been easy to tell these sisters apart. Because she is destined to be the next Repunzel, Holly has always had the longest locks at Ever After High, while Poppy, whose fairytale destiny is up in the air, wears her hair short to express her individuality. But when Poppy's hair begins growing longer and longer, while Holly's hair gets shorter and shorter, it seems as if the sisters might have to reveal the secret they've been keeping about their destinies. Can they turn this bad hair day around, or will their fairytale ending be a fairy-fail?

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