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Heyo! I'm Zia, a content mod on this wiki! I have been on this wiki for three years now. I'm not as active on this wiki as I used to be, but I still check up on it regularly.

If you want to contact me, you should DM me on twitter or leave a message on my wall and I'll give you my discord. :) 


  • Dexven (Dexter x Raven)
  • Dizzie (Daring x Lizzie)
  • Sparchess (Sparrow x Duchess)

My Favorite Characters

  • Ginger Breadhouse
  • Raven Queen
  • Darling Charming
  • Blondie Lockes
  • Brooke Page
  • Cerise Hood
  • Briar Beauty
  • Rosabella Beauty
  • The O'Hairs


I have an original Cerise & Darling. I wanted to get Lizzie's original or Cupid's Thronecoming but they are expensive...