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Hi. I am daisy.

I like Ever After High and my favourite doll is Raven. I have joined so I can go on the Fan Corner, but I tend to spend more time on this wiki now!!


About Me

  • What I like~

Just heard a song not heard before...I need to forgive someone and I am struggling...but this song came on the radio and it meant something to me.......I wanted to share it! Losing By Tenth Avenue North. I like it so I am adding it to my list!!

Lauren Daigle ~ amazing singer

Jamie Grace - amazing singer

Toby Mac - amazing singer

I like all things calm, kind and friendly. I like the sea and my really! I love to read...mmm...I think I should make a section for things I love!

  • What I love~

My family, reading, learning about life and how I am already the best that I am (not vain, we all are the best that we are if we just have faith), helping people, helpful people.

  • Who am I~

I am female and I am spiritually happy and awesome!

  • What I want~

I want everyone to know who we really are, that we are all spiritual people on a spiritual journey of everlasting life and that we should all help each other along the way.