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About Me

Hey! I'm Obsessivedizzieshipper! But you can just call me ODS. I'm sweet, kind, nerdy, crazy, and also, I'm a duckie :3 I love to craft and create. I'm very artistic. I like to paint, sew, do paper mache, or even all at once! As you may all ready know, I LOVE DIZZIE :3 I'm also a writer on Wattpad, under the name "dizziefan", so you can find me on there!

I love getting comments, so talk to me anytime! :D

My Ships

Dizzie (Daring / Lizzie)

Appling (Apple / Darling)

Rapple (Raven / Apple)

Kitzie (Kitty / Lizzie)

On My Doll Shelf (In Order Of My Purchas)

Apple White - Basic, Getting Fairest, Thronecoming

Raven Queen - Basic, Getting Fairest, Thronecoming

Briar Beauty - Basic, Getting Fairest, Thronecoming

Madeline Hatter - Basic, Getting Fairest, Thronecoming

Apple White - Basic


M Hatter - Basic

Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman - Basic

Lizzie Hearts - Basic

Cedar Wood- Basic

Ginger Breadhouse - Kitty Cheshire - Basic

Duchess Swan - Basic

Blondie Lockes - Basic

C.A. Cupid - Basic

Cerise Hood - Basic

Briar Beauty - Set

Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair - Basic

Dexter Charming - Basic

Darling Charming - Basic


Favorite Characters

Girls: Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie, Bunny, Raven, Duchess.

Boys: Daring, Sparrow, Humphrey, Alistair.

Franchises I Like

  1. Ever After High
  2. Monster High
  3. Bratzillas
  4. Descendants: Wicked World

My Favorite Movies

  1. Hotel Transylvania
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2
  3. Maleficent
  4. Inside Out
  5. Big Hero 6
  6. Descendants
  7. Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast
  8. Tinkerbell And The Secret Of The Wings
  9. Monster High Boo York