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Hello! I'm RoybelGirl, but please call me Bel. I really enjoy Ever After High; it's a cute show with cute characters. I am a semi-weird person who can be serious when needed. I have a passion for all things artistic, and can usually be seen either singing or drawing or something like that. I don't spend to much time online, but when I am I can usually be found on the Ever After High Fandom Wiki. On there I have a driver page where you can learn more about me as well as my too many abundance of OCs! XD

My EAH Dolls (So Far)

Apple White (Signature - Royals)

Briar Beauty (Signature - Royals)

Ashlynn Ella (Signature - Royals)

Hunter Huntsmen (Signature - Rebels)

Madeline Hatter (Signature - Rebels)

C. A. Cupid (Signature - Rebels)

Holly O'Hair (Signature - Royals)

Poppy O'Hair (Signature - Rebels)

Raven Queen (Signature - Rebels)

Dexter Charming (Signature - Royals)

Blondie Lockes (Signature - Royals)

Cerise Hood (Signature - Rebels)

Alistair Wonderland (Signature - Royals)

Bunny Blanc (Signature - Royals)

Cedar Wood (Signature - Rebels)

Kitty Cheshire (Signature - Rebels)

Lizzie Hearts (Signature - Royals)

Faybelle Thorn (Signature - Royals)

Duchess Swan (Signature - Royals)

Ginger Breadhouse (Signature - Rebels)

Darling Charming (Signature - Rebels)

Rosabella Beauty (Signature - Rebels)

Courtly Jester (Signautre - ???)

Melody Piper (Signature - Rebels)

A Little Dexven Gallery ~ <3

Because I seriously ship these two so hard. :3