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The Webisodes were released every other Tuesday, then every other Friday, and finally weekly on a Friday. The Webisodes stopped airing unexpectedly on October 7th 2016. You can watch most of the webisodes on the video page, but some Specials have not been released for public online viewing, just click here.

The Beginning

Ep1 - The World of Ever After High

Ep2 - Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal

Ep3 - Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel

Ep4 - The Tale of Legacy Day

Chapter 1

Ep1 - Stark Raven Mad

Ep2 - True Reflections

Ep3 - Maddie-in-Chief

Ep4 - Briar's Study Party

Ep5 - Here Comes Cupid

Ep6 - The Shoe Must Go On

Ep7 - The Cat Who Cried Wolf

Ep8 - Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie

Ep9 - Catching Raven

Ep10 - The Day Ever After

Ep11 - Replacing Raven

Chapter 2

Ep1 - Blondie's Just Right

Ep2 - True Hearts Day Part 1

Ep3 - True Hearts Day Part 2

Ep4 - True Hearts Day Part 3

Ep5 - Class Confusion

Ep6 - Apple's Birthday Bake-Off

Ep7 - The Beautiful Truth

Ep8 - MirrorNet Down

Ep9 - Rebel's Got Talent

Ep10 - Once Upon A Table

Ep11 - Blondie Branches Out

Ep12 - Poppy The Roybel

Ep13 - O'Hair's Split Ends

Ep14 - Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party

Ep15 - Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date

Ep16 - Apple's Princess Practice

Ep17 - Lizzie Shuffles the Deck

Ep18 - Duchess Swan's Lake

Ep19 - Cerise's Picnic Panic

Ep20 - Kitty's Curious Tale

Ep21 - Thronecoming Trailer

Ep22 - Previously On Ever After High... Thronecoming

Ep23 - Thronecoming

Ep24 - And The Thronecoming Queen is...

Ep25 - Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda

Ep26 - Best Feather Forward

Spring Unsprung

Ep1 - Previously On Ever After High...Spring Unprung

Ep2 - Spring Unsprung Trailer

Ep3 - Spring Unsprung

Ep4 - Spring Unsprung:The Purrrfect Prank

Ep5 - Spring Unsprung:Spellbinding Spring Fashions

Ep6 - Spring Unsprung:Where’s the Well of Wonder?

Ep7 - Spring Unsprung:Trading Places

Ep8 - Spring Unsprung:Going Topsy Turvy

Ep9 - Spring Unsprung:Something’s Wicked at Ever After High

Ep10 - Spring Unsprung:Save The Wonder

Way Too Wonderland

Ep1 - Previously On Ever After High... Way Too Wonderland

Ep2 - Way Too Wonderland Trailer

Ep3 - Way Too Wonderland

-Part 1 - Card Tricks

-Part 2 - Jester's Wild

-Part 3 - Shuffle The Deck

-Part 4 - A Royal Flush

Ep4 - Way Too Wonderland:A Time Of Wonder

Ep5 - Way Too Wonderland:Raven's Magic

Ep6 - Way Too Wonderland:Down The Rabbit Hole

Ep7 - Way Too Wonderland:The Wonderlicous Dance Off

Ep8 - Way Too Wonderland:Fishlosophy 101

Ep9 - Way Too Wonderland:Spellbinding Maddie

Ep10 - Way Too Wonderland:Meet Courtly Jester

Ep11 - Courtly Pleads Her Case

Ep12 - What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?

Chapter 3

Ep1 - Ginger In The BreadHOUSE

Ep2 - Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic

Ep3 - An Hexclusive Invitation

Ep4 - Chosen With Care

Ep5 - Just Sweet

Ep6 - Through The Woods

Ep7 - Baking and Entering

Ep8 - Date Night

Ep9 - Driving Me Cuckoo

Ep10 - Bog Bash

Ep11- Faybelle's Choice

Ep12- The Legacy Orchard

Ep13 - Sugar Coated

Ep14 - Fairest On Ice

Ep15 - Heart Struck

Ep16 - Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After

Ep17 - Croquet-Tastrophe

Ep18 - Save Me, Darling!

Ep19 - Rosabella and The Beasts

Ep20 - Tri-Castle-On

Dragon Games

Ep1 - Dragon Games Trailer

Ep2 - Dragon Games

-Part 1 - Shatter The Mirror

-Part 2 - Hatch The Dragons

-Part 3 - Escape The Forest

-Part 4 - Battle The Queen

Ep3 - Dragon Games:The Evil Queen Escapes!

Ep4 - Dragon Games:Baby Dragons

Ep5 - Dragon Games:Dragon Games Are Back

Ep6 - Dragon Games:Team Snow White versus Team Evil Queen

Ep7 - Dragon Games:Powerful Princesses And Their Dragons

Ep8 - Dragon Games:Let The Games Begin

Ep9 - Dragon Games:Meet The Pixies

Epic Winter

Ep1 - Epic Winter Trailer

Ep2 - Epic Winter

-Part 1 - Snow Day.

-Part 2 - A Wicked Winter

-Part 3 -Ice Castle Quest

Part 4 - Crystal Rose

Ep3 - Epic Winter:Power Couple Power Off

Ep4 - Epic Winter:The Prince Of Apple's Destiny

Ep5 - Epic Winter:The Snow King Arrives

Ep6 - Epic Winter:The Mirror Is Safe

Ep7 - Epic Winter:I'm a Snow Worm

Ep8 - Epic Winter:Who Am I?

Ep9 - Epic Winter:Travel In Style

Ep10 - Epic Winter:Change In The Weather

Chapter 4

Ep1 - Moonlight Mystery

Ep2 - Wish List

Ep3 - A Tale Of Two Parties

Ep4 - Thumb-Believable!

Ep5 - Piping Hot Beats

Ep6 - Beanstalk Bravado

Ep7 - Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell

Ep8 - There's No Business Like Snow Business

Ep9 - A Big Bad Secret!

Coming Soon

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